SIE Queen in Vengeance Killing

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Source: RBC

News is emerging that the Sanctuary for Immortal Enlightenment was behind the recent zeroing of AA member BloodGod, who’s body was retrieved by the Sun Clan earlier today. BloodGod was bound partner of Tejas_dragon, a long time enemy of Queen Hesu of the SIE.

BloodGod was carrying a large sum of cash at the time of the attack, as this photograph shows, but this is not considered by the Night Watch to be the prime motivation for the slaying.

The reason for the killing remains unknown, but evidence suggests that this was an evening of old scores. When asked whether she indtended to step up attacks on memebers of the Archangel clan Hesu was quoted as saying, in her typical lyrical style:

As for ignoring AA's, as long as theyre pink I plan to stay far away from that stink But if the pink was ever to disappear I assure you it will be a good killing year

It also seems that Vermathrax, of The Inner Circle, will not be receiving a Christmas card from Lady Hesu this year.