Capadocious Ejectum

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Source: The Dark Roost

Lord Capadocious, self-proclaimed prince of the city, continued his poor recent track record with public relations when he was forcibly ejected from the Dark Roost for insulting the staff and the establishment.

Capadocious had recently visited the Dark Roost during the city wide award ceremony. On that occasion, he brought an unsatisfactory end to proceedings by complaining bitterly that the awards were rigged, despite walking off with the lions share of the gongs.

Supposedly on his best behaviour, Capadocious threw a hissy fit when the non-alcoholic establishment refused to serve him blood wine. Jauk, the Roost’s plucky proprietor, showed no hesitation in giving the errant lord the bum’s rush.

It is not clear whether he will be re-admitted for the forthcoming wedding of his one time sidekick, Lucius.