Psycho Ex-Ferryman in AA Atrocity

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Source: RBC

In an unwelcome development in the ongoing Archangel saga, DoomHammer, previously of the Ferrymen, has attacked Clan AA member BloodGod during his resting period. Subjecting BloodGod to a vicious scrolling while his blood stood at 113, DoomHammer indicated that he would continue his attacks until such a time as Archangel renounces his neutrality.

DoomHammer was until recently a member of the Ferrymen, fighting bravely in the recent conflict with the Dark Alliance. However, after the latest random attack on Vidar they showed him the door.

When pressed on the matter, a source close to the Ferryman was quoted as saying “well, believe me, he’s out. he’s a psycho and should have never been allowed in to start with”.



I would like to set the record straight as for the reasons Doomhammer was booted from The Ferrymen. The reasons really had nothing to do with the attacks on Vidar even though we are all guilty of the hits on him. Doomhammer wants it to be believed that he was made a scapegoat on this but in fact he was not. The reason for him getting booted was I proposed he be booted for total lack of discipline, disrespect towards clanmates and clan elders, and insubordination. As with any Clan if you can not follow the orders given to you then your out. We as The Ferrymen will give anyone a chance in our clan but they must prove themselves and with the promises of changes that were made by Doomhammer in his behavior that never came we Decided to show him the door.