Lucius Freak Week

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Source: Ravenblack Blood

In an unexpected twist on last weeks Who Wants To Be A Sociopath?, it seems that the Church of Blood are joining AdaMaS in his pursuit of Lucius and his henchmen. The High Priest of Lies is the lucky winner of the Church’s notorious Wheel of Freaks and can expect a turbulent ride.

However, in what may be a clear indication of the current parlous state of the Church’s military machine, there are rumours that they have enlisted the help of the Shadow Court. Revered Shadow Court Chancellor, Ophelia, was spotted sneaking in to the Church in typical disguise of headscarf and big sunglasses.

There has been speculation that the Church of Blood no longer possesses the capability to take on Lucius and his “new” associates, the Ferrymen, alone. In the last conflict, it took the combined might of the Dark Alliance to subdue the self-proclaimed House of Lucius. It remains to be seen whether this is represents a temporary state of affairs or a permanent shift in the balance of power within the city.



Little bit of correcting, Lucius was dead at the time.. and The Ferrymen had no longer been the House of Lucius being he completely denies any position within it. The attacks were on ShingingHost and eventually the Temple of Lies until the Ferrymen attacked as well for thier own reasons. A bit of history Lucius has no claim to ;) For he wasn’t there hahaha

AdaMaS The Soul Collector


grins I knew it would only be a matter of time before I am overrun with “corrections”. Thank you, AdaMaS, for your corrections. I agree, apart from to say it is my understanding that Shining Host and Lucius are one. I did read his journal on the matter and it is my understanding they share a soul. But I could be mistaken.


You’re not mistaken. AdaMaS is being purposely obtuse to suit his own agenda. His constant nit picking whinging is about to become nauseating.

Damari ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius


No problem, is a common mistake after the “High Priest” (sounds too much like someone wants to immitate the Reverend EB to me) went and made the fuss about not being Lucius, then when so many of his priests got fed up with SH’s bull he went and whined, “Wait! Wait! I AM Lucius!” I’d call it indecisiveness myself. Just another excuse to cover one’s ass… wonder how he’ll explain his recent necro at 8000 bp after he was complaining about mine… hmmm

AdaMaS The Soul Collector


I don’t know what you’re collecting, but you’re definately not a historian, AdaMaS. I built the Temple of Lies (Founded: Oct 3, 2003) long before EB thought about rebuilding the Church of Blood, a remake of bloodspawn’s creation. I have chosen to call myself High Priest of Lies to mock ShadowBat and his Temple of Golconda which was glorifying the Pinkies. As for indecisiveness, I’ve always stayed true to myself. Could you say the same about yourself, AdaMaS? Of course not. As usual AdaMaS you’re showing your lack of real knowledge and highlighting your inexhaustible ability to regurgitate unsubstantiated rhetoric.

Lucius The Fact Collector


grins…mmm..sneaking into the Church waggles brows