Spy Ring Update

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The Raveblack Grimoire has just recently come into possession of some intelligence intercepts that blow the cover off the recent SIE-Seraphim spy ring. As previously reported, the vampiresses Cadence and Mandolin were expelled from their respective clans, Seraphim and SIE, for spying.

Once uncovered Mandolin attacked Queen Hesu with holy water, allegedly in an attempt to win back favour with Archangel, before running for the Peacekeeper’s Mission with the SIE guard in hot pursuit. Her favour currying seems to have worked, as she has since been readmitted to Clan Archangel.

Cadence, who also turned pink to escape retribution, remains with Wolf clan . She is currently honeymooning with Vicar, the Guild Guy, at an unspecified location.

(corrections incorporated from the comments below)



You know Madeye you should really check your facts.

I can tell that you talked to one named Victoire and she feed you bull and you jumped right in.

  1. Victoire was never in Clan Archangels Security Sphere,on The Lieges AHC (High Council) or privy to any sort of clan secrets.

  2. She was a lowly acting officer and left the clan of her own accord THREE days after completing officer training school.

  3. How can Lady Tejas betray a vampress she doesnt even know?

This doesnt blow the cover off anything… All it does is show is that ONCE AGAIN ..Clan Archangel doesnt get a fair shake.

Congrats Madeye… All you did is repeat old news…. News that is made up crap from a bitter vampress that left Clan Archangel.

“It is Archangels wisdom that lights our path to greatness”

Lord Mooncalf Right Hand Clan Archangel


Not to impune this story, but this isn’t news…it’s way old. Victoire went to SIE and Seraphim with this drivel months ago, and even THEY dismissed it. Victoire has been trying to portray herself as some sort of super-security sleuth for some time. The fact is that she was only an officer for three days when she flipped out and left the clan, and under house arrest…

Madeye, I enjoy reading your paper, I hate to see it drop to such tabloid levels.

Archangel God of Justice



I have never met you, but I have had, until this point, a respect for your paper.

I would just like to say that, first of all, I am not clanless. I am part if the Wolf Clan with my husband Vicar. Second, I went pink because there was talk of having me zeroed, and my family wanted me to be safe from any rash actions that may have been taken in the heat of the moment. It didn’t happen because I was trying to “escape retribution” but because my true family was worried about me.

I think, in a situation such as this, you might want to talk to the people actually involved in the happenings then with a third party who has very little idea of what really happened, and appears to only be trying to further herself. I don’t know Victorie, and from the looks of it, I won’t care to know her, so I don’t know what she stands to gain by dragging me through the mud. I just wish she didn’t feel like she needed to do it though using your paper as a pawn.

Cadence Bound to Vicar


If your husband had not published a story riddled with inaccuracies I would not have felt the need to retrieve the situation. I am also dismayed that he did not point out the huge amount that you have in common with Mandolin. If he had been straight with me, this story could have been avoided.


Victoire furnished me with some of the details of this story. However, Mandolin attacked Hesu recently - that makes it news.


Mandolin and Cadence, who are one and the same, were spying for Archangel. This is news. Mandolin attacked Hesu recently. This is also news. The minor details are incorrect, I grant, but the main story stands.


If you wish to talk to Mandolin or myself about what happened, I invite you to do so. What you have been told is not the whole truth, and I think that in order to do a balanced story, you need to talk with the people involved in what happened.

Cadence Bound to Vicar


My dear, I trusted your husband to do that.


Point - For her, Mandolin to be a spy for Clan Archangel she would have HAD to be in Clan Archangel and had infiltrated SIE. She had been kicked out of the clan for breaking chrysalis yet stayed friends with members of the clan and waited till we were out of chrysalis to speak to her friends…

Hesu accepted her into SIE.. misaligned her,for no reason but claims spying yet provided no proof…. kicked Mando out and then attacked her.

My Liege decided not to allow a friend to be attacked for lies and disception so he showed her protection by allowing her to REJOIN Clan Archangel AFTER she had been kicked out of SIE.

She went pink for this is required to be in the clan.

Like I have stated before… get your facts straight before you speak. Also and this is most important… Mandolin and Cadence are NOT the same.

“It is Archangels wisdom that lights our path to greatness”

Lord Mooncalf Right Hand Clan Archangel


I have been provided with the proof to the Mandolin/Cadence matter by the log of her actions on this site this evening. I am happy to publish them if you wish.


I have heard that someone told you that my human plays those two vampires,yet you are now saying you have proof that Cadence and Mandolin are the same from their posts here. Interesting for I have yet to see Lady Mandolin speak anywhere on this paper.

So all that shows me is you Have NO PROOF and are spewing the SIE/Seraphim company line.

Lady Tejas Beloved Wife of BloodGod ~Keeper of the Shadow Realm~


I have never denied that Mandolin and I use the same computer, but in order for me to log in and comment on a story about myself, she had to log off and let me on the computer. That, in my mind, is no solid proof.

Cadence Bound to Vicar

Damia Morgan

Just to clear something up–

Cadence was never going to be zeroed. Period. She was kicked out and that was all that happened to her.

Just thought I would make this clear.

Damia Morgan Seraphim Clan


From the site logs (I have verified Mandolin is Mandolin from her email address) - note the time and date: ————————————————————- Type user Date Monday, January 23, 2006 - 19:36 User Mandolin Location /logout Message Session closed for Mandolin. Severity notice Hostname xx.xx.xx.xx ———————————————————— Type user Date Monday, January 23, 2006 - 19:36 User Anonymous Pire Location /user/register Message New user: Cadence cadence362@yahoo.com. Severity notice Hostname xx.xx.xx.xx


RG accept Cadence was never going to be zeroed - we never said she was. We said she took neutrality to avoid retribution, real or imagined or otherwise. But, we are glad we have cleared this up.



I do not profess to know you nor the inner workings and politics of your clan. However, I have information that seems to slightly contradict one of your points, and would like clarification.

My fellow vampires and vampiresses,

Until recently, I counted myself as a close friend to both Mandolin and Cadence. In fact, I had planned to bind to Mandolin as her childer and I was also scheduled to participate in Cadence’s binding as one of her bridesmaids. I would now like to dispell all possible bias that might be read into the following message as I have nothing to gain or lose from what I am about to say about these vampiresses.

I was informed by Mandolin two weeks ago during an in-depth confession - of which I have full documentation - that, despite having been expelled from Clan Archangel and having no guarantee of membership to or protection by the Clan, she was recruited by Clan Archangel to spy on SIE. She had already been in contact with Hesu regarding admission into SIE’s Training Ground Institute, but readily accepted the offer proposed by Clan Archangel because, as she said, she still viewed the vampires within as family. She knowingly entered the fold of SIE as a spy, while not a member of but on behalf of Clan Archangel. Mandolin herself admitted she had been a spy for Clan Archangel, so why can’t the leadership of Clan Archangel admit responsibility where such is due?

Another point of interest is that Cadence has indicated that Archangel and Mooncalf paid for her Neutrality(3). I’d like to know why these vampires took the burden upon themselves, and why Cadence felt the necessity to seek the power of Neutrality, especially since she had the assurance of the leadership of Clan Seraphim that no attacks would be staged against her. In addition, I believe the above article contains a factual error, or at the very least, an oversight of clarity. The article states that Cadence “remains” with Wolf Clan, while Cadence claims she joined the Wolf Clan only a week ago. Could an explanation be provided elucidating this contention?

In the meantime, I do not wish to bring pain or suffering upon any members of any clans involved. Yet I believe that this issue should be clarified.


Regardless of all that has occurred, I would like to publicly congratulate you on both your recent binding and on finding another clan, and I wish you happiness.

Gringa Clan Seraphim Ameily’s other half

Viva Seraphim!


Here is some clarification on some of your questions.

I’d like to know why these vampires took the burden upon themselves and why Cadence felt the necessity to seek the power of Neutrality, especially since she had the assurance of the leadership of Clan Seraphim that no attacks would be staged against her.

First part of that answer is: How many leaders of Clan Seraphim told Cadence that she was not going to be zeroed? Did you, Gringa, tell her she was safe after talking with them? If you did not, do not assume that she knew it, unless you were the one to tell her.

After talking with all four, Mooncalf, Archangel, Mandolin and Cadence, I was told that Cadence did NOT seek Neutrality, she was offered it by Clan AA as a preventative measure, and she accepted the gift previous to Seraphim saying they would not attack. Back to Point 1, if you didn’t tell her, then she was still scared of being attacked.

Mandolin knew that she was going to be attacked by SIE over this whole thing and was seeking safety for her daughter, just in case. So back to the first part, Did you bother to tell Mandolin that Seraphim was not going to attack Cadence? Again, if you didn’t, then don’t assume that anyone else did. Mandolin asked for help from CAA, just like anyone would do if someone they love is in danger.

Second The article states that Cadence “remains” with Wolf Clan, while Cadence claims she joined the Wolf Clan only a week ago. Could an explanation be provided elucidating this contention?

Your are nit picking, she is currently under the protection of the Wolf Clan, the term ‘remains’ means that they will keep her safe and not cast her out over this issue.

Understand, that until the original artical and the new revised artical came out Seraphim and SIE were keeping it quiet. They didn’t post anything anywhere. My original story, as I think about it, probably should have been in the editorial section and not in the news section, and for that I do apologize to Madeye. Now that the truth is coming out though, friends will be shown and so will enemies. It also came to my attention that the conversation that you had with Mandolin was also supposed to be OOC and not to be considered relevant to the IC situation. I’m sure that Cadence would be proud to have you as her brides maid knowing how quickly you changed your mind.

Finally, in order to not bring pain and suffering upon anyone involved you should not pose questions that will potentially hurt someone else.

Dakota, Field reporter for the RavenBlack Grimoire



You propose some interesting points, but I intend to show that there are some inconsistencies between what you allege and the reality of the situation.

First of all, Cadence herself told me that she acquired the power of Neutrality despite having been assured by two members of Clan Seraphim’s leadership, including our Prime Minister, that she wouldn’t be attacked. Perhaps Neutrality(3) wasn’t actively sought by Cadence, but she accepted Neutrality once the offer was on the table. She further said the protection was funded by the leadership of Clan Archangel. If Cadence felt her safety was at risk because of SIE pursuing Mandolin, so be it. But, to me, she never expressed fear of being attacked by SIE in retribution for Mandolin’s actions. As soon as I was informed of Cadence’s expulsion from Clan Seraphim and that she wouldn’t be attacked, I made a point of reassuring her that Clan Seraphim would not attack her and if there was a reversal of that decision, I would stand in the way of any attacks attempted against her by Clan Seraphim, of which I am a member. Also, I never questioned Mandolin’s motivations; besides, the power of Neutrality is a requirement for members of Clan Archangel, is it not?

In regard to my alleged “nit-picking” (sic) over whether Cadence was a member of the Wolf Clan before this incident unfolded or recently joined the Wolf Clan, I just wanted clarification, plain and simple.

Your allegation that I brought OOC issues into IC is unfounded. In the context of my discourse with Mandolin I took great pains to only include in my previous post that only IC matters discussed between Mandolin and me were mentioned in the above post, and not OOC concerns that arose between my human, Ashley, and her human, Amanda Lynn. Both IC and OOC aspects comprised the conversation. There was a clear distinction, and I respect the disparities between the two.

I maintain my position that my questions were perhaps pointed, but not hurtful. I simply do not see how any parties could be affected negatively by the issues I raised, though if someone feels as though he has been wronged, it is his responsibility to point that out, not yours. I am a journalist myself, and appreciate your admission that the article might have been better suited to an Editorial categorization until all facts were resolved. However, it is not your responsibility to make character judgements, which you did in suggesting a possible reaction by Cadence. She is a very capable vampiress and knows where to find me if she so desires. To that regard, if you have a personal investment in this matter, perhaps you are better off not reporting on something about which you have an ingrained bias.

Gringa Clan Seraphim Ameily’s other half

Viva Seraphim!


Gringa, I did say that I was told by people in Seraphim that I would not be attacked, but they didn’t tell me until way after I had been offered N(3) and gone pink. My sire and her family didn’t want to see me hurt because of what she had done, and I was not about to turn down the offer that would keep me safe while things were sorted out. If you, or anyone, wishes to read what happened, please scoot over the the Ravenblack Alleyway and see the post and Mandolin and I wrote.

Also, in defence of Dakota, he did not suggest my possible reaction, he know what my reaction was. His claim were not unfounded either.

Cadence Bound to Vicar


Since we’re going to banter about this I’ll take your points and explain them in simple english.

I can factually prove that NO ONE IN SERAPHIM contacted Cadence before she acquired Neutrality. I know this because of a conversation that I am privy to between her and her companion. I do know that he was the first person to tell her that Seraphim was not going to attack, because he went through great pains to find out if he was going to need to defend her from his old family of which he still has ties. PERIOD. After Vicar had done so, Cadence went to Arsanga and asked, at which point she was told that Seraphim had no intentions of attacking her by the Prime Minister. The Conversation with Vicar was the afternoon and early evening of that first night and she was already Neutral.

Now symantics of the game are irrelivant, how, exact times of money exchanges and so forth. They paid for her Neutrality at the request of Mandolin. nuff said.

Now when it comes to you’re reassurances, I do not doubt that you attempted to reassure her. You were to be her Bridesmaid, and soon to be sister. But you are also new to the clan and not in a Parliamentary position. I’m sure that even if you had talked to her before Vicar did, that a single assurance by you would have been calming, but the second by Vicar would have been the breath of safety. Understand, Vicar was in the clan when it started, and although he left under difficult terms, he is still respected as someone to believe. He got his information from more than one source including Arsanga the prime minister. I am certain that with those reassurances to him from different Ministers of the Clan, they were enough to calm Cadence down. However by that time as stated previously, she was neutral.

When it comes to the IC/OOC line, many are culprits of blurring that line and when I questioned Cadence and Mandolin after your previous post they told me that it was done OOC and that you had blurred the line. I will not get into that with you as it really is irrelivant and perceptions are what will rule on that issue, I will agree to disagree.

Clarification of Wolf, Vicar worked hard to see that Cadence was taken care of and protected. He also tried to get Mandolin under the protection of Wolf but Mandolin had already been attacked by SIE and had contacted CAA. And as stated in my previous letter, with information still coming in, both conflicting and otherwise, Wolf has claimed to stand by Cadence regardless of the outcome.

When you say I do not wish to harm anyone with my questions, you are in fact saying that someone will get hurt. I stand by my words. Do not ask questions that will hurt others if you are worried about their feelings. I will answer questions honestly without worry of feelings when I know the answers.

What I grimace at, is when you state in your opening line “Until recently, I counted myself as a close friend to both Mandolin and Cadence.” You bias and defame yourself with that one line and lay claim that you are no longer a friend to them by your own choice. Neither girls have claimed you as a non friend until you claimed it first. That coupled with the fact that I was told that you cross the OOC line, which you deny, again we will agree to disagree until I can prove either way.

Now, as a reporter I can and will report things as I see them. If you think I have misjudged your character through my comment about how Cadence would feel, then you tell me how would you feel, if your best friend and sister turned on you like you did to her. Go ask her yourself how she feels. I did, it was why I said what I did. But your character was already assigned to its place within the first statement that you made.

And Finally, an ingrained bias. Cadence and Mandolin both have still never seen the proof behind their dismissals, they have been charged with spying and exiled from their families and those families don’t even have the courtesy to show them the evidence of their treachery. So why am I biased when I choose to report all people are innocent until proven guilty? You my lady are a journalist, I hope that you do not become part of the witch hunt that surrounds you. That would make you a hypocrate on top of everything else.

Dakota, Field reporter for the RavenBlack Grimoire Please feel free to respond, or you can contact me on Y!M lakotadakota692 and vent your frustrations in person.



The issue of timing, I’ll concede. That is not my sticking point nor of great consequence to me.

Conversely, I find great fault with your logic about my asking of questions which you allege are inherently hurtful. I can say honestly that from my standpoint I do not believe the questions I pose have caused or are capable of causing emotional distress. The only pain I believe results from this discourse is that of those involved having to relive the events of the past weeks.

As I said in my first post here, “Until recently, I counted myself as a close friend to both Mandolin and Cadence.” I stand by this statement. I never said that I do not count Mandolin and Cadence among my friends. Yet I feel I can no longer hold Mandolin in the same regard - as such a close friend and potential sire - because she withheld the truth from me with intent on many an occasion. A true friend does not purposefully mislead another. She is aware of my feelings, and if she wishes to rectify our relationship, I am open to the idea and she may attempt to do so at her will. That issue, however, is between us. Nor am I disavowing friendship from Cadence. Unfortunately, there are allegations about her behavior grounded in intelligence gathered by others within Clan Seraphim. I choose to believe Cadence in that she committed no wrongdoing, but while I cannot prove her guilty, I cannot prove her innocent either. I assured her I will stand by her until I no longer morally can.

I do not see how I “turned” on Cadence. Nowhere did I say she spied or committed any such crime. I am unaware that she considered me her best friend, though I am honored that she would say so. I wish to continue our relationship, and that is at our discretion. If she feels there are concerns that must be addressed on this topic, I believe she has the sense to contact me directly and not air these issues in this vulnerable arena. I trust you will not do the same. Your job is to report facts, not feelings.

Regarding blurred lines between IC and OOC conversation, I did discuss actions of Mandolin and Cadence with their controller(s) that remain confidential and so I maintain I have not bucked the confidence of their controller(s) in OOC context. If Amanda Lynn and Lynn-Marie believe so, they can lodge their arguments with me directly.

While all may be regarded as innocent until guilt is proven, there is proof, and an admission and recourse in Mandolin’s case. As for Cadence, there are only doubts, and that is why I have chosen to stand by her, believing her until I see incriminatory evidence firsthand. I did not say you were biased toward believing Mandolin and Cadence - and I hope I elucidated my stance above - but I implied that you have a bias against me. Your proclivity seems to stem from having only heard one side of the story. Consider that there are in fact many.

I would appreciate clarification of the “witch hunt” surrounding me, and I am unaware to which you refer, and how I would be a hypocrite if I joined said witch hunt. If you are referring to accusing Mandolin and Cadence of treachery against clan as a witch hunt - and I do believe Mandolin admitting qualifies this as more than just a witch hunt - I am probably already involved because I defend Cadence against traitorous allegations.

Lastly, I have no frustrations, merely curiousity and a zeal for the pursuit of the truth.

Gringa Clan Seraphim Ameily’s other half

Viva Seraphim!



Unfortunately, I am unable to view said post as I choose not to frequent RavenBlack Alleyway. Like I said, now, this timeline of events is of little consequence to the situation at hand. As long as you are not in harm’s way, that’s what matters.

Yet I am most disappointed with your decision not to approach me directly. If you considered me your best friend as Dakota contended, I would have expected you to come to me, especially given that I had reassured you that despite my relationship with your sire being strained, I would not hold that against you and would continue to regard you in high esteem. Having a reporter inform me of your feelings - true or untrue - doesn’t afford me the decency and respect inherent between friends, wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps further discussion of this would be more appropriately suited for a private mediation.

Gringa Clan Seraphim Ameily’s other half

Viva Seraphim!


Ok, I hadn’t planned on commenting here, and a lot of what I will say has already been said, but I’m just going to post what I saw/did, nothing more than that, and nothing less. We were a bit suspicious of Cadence when she showed up in our ballroom originally, simply because that is the way several other known spies entered… “stumbling across the link” just by chance. However, she was talkative, energetic, and fun, and we decided to give her a chance. Mandolin stated I invited her, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t remember if it was myself or Sapphira. But I know we talked it over, and talked to Cadence, and she wanted to join, so we admitted her to the Aules (our training school). She originally joined under Mandolin’s screenname, but switched again an hour later, which made us quirk an eyebrow, but she explained that they are roommates, sometimes don’t log out of the computer, so we let her stay. Cadence graduates, goes to main clan, long story short, she was a good member, I won’t deny that. But then came the conference with BloodGod, which was copied in near-entirety to Archangel himself. We went over the members list, who all was in the chat, at least ten times. There is NO ONE else, aside from high-level leaders of Seraphim and SIE, whom we have known and worked with for over a year, and who are extremely trusted, who it could have been. Everyone else left for at least a portion of the time, had computer issues, left the chat before the copy Arch had started, or arrived after it began. This was the first time a war conference had gotten back to Archangel, and this was, coincidentally (or maybe not so much :P) the first time that Cadence had ever joined one of our war conferences. I hated to do it, but there was no other choice. I told this to Cadence when she asked me why she had been removed. There is no other “proof” aside from that they share a computer, and are in the two clans that AA most wants to infiltrate. I never claimed to have more proof than that, and I didn’t need any more. I was sorry to do it, but we had to remove Cadence from the clan. We held a quick parliament meeting, decided to take her off of the boards quietly, so as not to embarrass or degrade her, and we also chose not to harm her in any way. The first person I told once we removed her was Gringa, because I know that the two of them are close, and that it would be hard for her. I also assured her we would not attack Cadence, and told Vicar the same when he asked me. I don’t know if this was before or after she went pink, because I didn’t notice that she was until later. This was a difficult decision to make, because I know how hard it is to go through something like this (I once spied for CAA as well, y’know), but judging by Mandolin’s confession afterwards, and her return to CAA, as well as everyone’s attitudes surrounding this, I am not sorry to have done it. Cadence - you are a hard worker, I am sure you will do well in Wolf Clan. What’s done is done, and I for one am not going to lose any sleep over this issue.

~Arsanga~ Prime Minister of Clan Seraphim Eternally Bound to Murrz Ramirez


when posting logs. People would probably appreciate it if their ip#s or other sensitive information was not handed out to the public.


I am aware of this - and I am loath to publish such information (this is the first time I have done this in almost 2 years on dozens of sites I run). It was an attempt to stop the vitriol regarding the Mandonlin/Cadence issue.

I have blanked the IPs as it is no longer relevant



“In the meantime, I do not wish to bring pain or suffering upon any members of any clans involved. Yet I believe that this issue should be clarified.”

This is the statement that you said in your original post The word “Yet” starting your second sentence negates your prior wish to not bring pain or suffering. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will anyway. These are your family, friends and allies that will be hurt by your “Yet” not me nor Madeye or even Mandolin will be hurt by clarification, and with that one word, ‘yet’, you’ve told them, I don’t care about your feelings, but the truth has to come out. I actually admire you for your courage to potentially embarrass your family and allies in search of the truth, I really do. I was just saying that with your clarifications, you could potentially hurt those you don’t wish to.

Next point

“Until recently, I counted myself as a close friend to both Mandolin and Cadence.”

this one sentence is read that you were close friends of both girls until recently. So if you are still freinds with Cadence then a retraction would be in order or at least a clarification. Maybe you should say, “Until recently I counted myself as a close friend, but due to certain events involving the two I am not as close as I once was.” Otherwise, you are still “a friend that recently changed her mind about being friends with the two girls”.

Now as for turning on Cadence, you turned on her mother and brought hersay to the table when you did. That by and large is you turning on Cadence because she loves her mother. Why would you deny that? you just came out of the closet with character evidence that would hurt Cadence. With friends like that who needs enemies?

OOC: conceded. Lack of evidence on my part and an even less lack of curiosity. The IC information is still hersay and therefore not proof. Any conversation can be altered to say what the author wants heard, therefore can only be used as character background if used at all. That is why the information Victoire gave was not published or posted. That is also why, although it would be nice to see what was said between you and Mandolin, it is actually irrelivant, especially in the light of the fact that it is hersay and not proof.

At this time regarging Mandolin, the only proof that is valid is her own admittance and that is easily regarded as pressure from outside sources. IP proof is easily explained through OOC and so therefor must be disregarded. IP Proof is not IC and therefore should not be used IC.

Now you did not bring this IP proof forward I am not accusing you of it. I am merely saying that there is no IC proof aside from hersay conversations and speculations and Arsanga said so in her most recent post. Cadence and Mandolin were kicked out because they were, in each clan’s opinion, a liability and they couldn’t prove that they did anything so therefore it’s better to cut them loose and see where they land. To me, that is improper. Without her admittance, which by all counts could be a forced statement by AA, or any number of people in the city. Seraphim and SIE have NO VALID PROOF that either girls did anything and Mandolin’s admittance carries no water with me, because in her opening statement she said that it was carrying into OOC. That means she wanted it to end, whether she was the spy or not. This point here, I would love to hear your thoughts on this Gringa, because although I have talked with many involved in the situation, I may have missed something.

The “Witch Hunt” is a term that I use to display that, because Seraphim and SIE don’t have proof, they will inevitabley keep searching until they are satisfied that they are clean of spies. The hypocracy that I say to ‘not become a part of’ is that in a witch hunt, innocents are hurt. And if you partake in the witch hunt that surrounds you and cast others from within the hallowed halls of your family without proof, you are not seeking the truth, but a scapegoat.



As it is well known for anyone that reads in the Halls of RBA, Mandolin has written an admission of her guilt, to stop the beginnings of OOC harassment. This does not constitute absolute guilt because when anyone is faced with harassment, they want it stopped and will admit to the arguements regardless of right or wrong in order to do so. It is a common practice to pressure someone into changing their minds, or making decisions that will be the least painful. Our Maker, Ravenblack is inundated with emails and given dead flowers and such and harassed regularly because of a decision he made. He seems to have a high tolerance for stupidity. Not everyone is like him. And thus stands my position on this matter. Without her admission under OOC pressures of harassment, Seraphim and SIE had no proof that either girls spied. Arsanga admitted it in her previous letter explaining her side of the story, and therefore if Mandolin ever decided to retract her statement, the fact that there is no proof, it would start a witch hunt in both clans.

Now, I have done much research on this spy ring and right now the only point that I was incorrect on was my misunderstanding that Mandolin was hit first and struck Hesu in retaliation. I was wrong, Mandolin did hit Hesu first.



The day after this whole thing broke, I told Mandolin (OOC: in an offline) that I did not want to pursue the story any further. I said I was going to make a statement in RBA and that would be the end of it from my point of view. Which is mostly how it turned out. I am curious as to who was harassing her OOC on this, though, but she has my sympathies.


Rather odd…. I never got that offline…..

As for the people harassing me, I shall try to keep it an OOc mater and not name their pires. It is a matter between me and them, and one which I shall soon put to rest. Thank you for your sympathies Madeye.

“It is Archangel’s wisdom that lights our path to greatness”

Mandolin Clan Archangel



I wish no more on this subject. However, in that post, you were nitpicking, assuming, and twisting my words, which I can’t say I appreciate. So…

I can’t control how other vampires and vampiresses manifest their feelings. Thus while I wished no pain or suffering to befall anyone, I felt that it was right for the truth to be pursued nonetheless. The points I raised by no means would detract from my clan, and weren’t intended to cause injury to Cadence. In retrospect, I was correct. Moreover the reporting of the story was lacking, and all relevant leads deserved exploration.

You say a retraction is in order for my disclaimer about my relationship to Mandolin and Cadence. I think otherwise. I believe I have already elucidated this point, as I explained my rationale in the last post. Re-read what I wrote if necessary. Again, I stand by what I said.

Furthermore, Dakota, you forget that Mandolin was supposed to be my mother too. Having been misled by her, which was devastating, I worried for Cadence, too. I felt I could no longer trust Mandolin to be straight with me; that is not heresay. Cadence’s opinion on the subject is wholly independent from mine. However, I would think Cadence would be able to distinguish my mistrust of her mother from any doubt of her. Likewise, I don’t see how I in any way tarnished her character.

As for your concession about OOC, I appreciate the allowance. I also would like to state wholeheartedly that I am integritous enough not to alter documents. I was raised to follow journalistic ethics, not tabloid wrangling.

Mandolin seems to be satisfied by her actions, and so she should. She came out with the truth - purely IC confessions on a public board and her blog - and no longer has that burden to bear. I don’t think her confession was forced; she’s an independent vampiress. If she acted of her own accord, her guilt is no longer suspect; her guilt is absolute. If you have reason to believe otherwise, that’s a different issue. Just as well, I respect her strength to come clean, despite the consequences. She has reunited with the clan whose members she viewed as family. That, I imagine, has brought her great joy. Cadence, too, has found her place, and I wish only the best for her.

I care not of the IP proof. I did not have any involvement in the decision to expell Cadence, but as much as it pained me to see her gone, I stand by my clan’s decision-making. Seraphim’s government acted in what they believed was the best interest for the members.

I, too, did my research, Dakota, and have come to my conclusions as a result of what I gleaned. I do not think that any actions were taken without due suspicion, and no one has become a “scapegoat” for anything. If wrongful accusations were indeed made, so it goes. The past has not changed, and we are not infallible.

Most importantly, when I pledged my loyalty to clan and family, I vowed never to waver. I haven’t, and you will find no evidence of that.

Gringa Clan Seraphim Ameily’s other half

Viva Seraphim!


er… who are you and what were we talking about?