Blackdragon, Stop Hitting Yourself

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Reports are emerging that the recent attacks on ex-SIE warrior Blackdragon were the work of a hit team. One of the team members has confessed to being hired for the attack, although he refused to offer any information on who paid for the hit.

It seems unlikely that SIE were behind the attack as they have a whole team of warriors chomping at the bit to have a crack at their former leader. Additionally, if SIE wished to conceal their involvement in an attack, ordering the hit for the same day as the former warrior leader chose to depart would not be the smartest move. Also, it was not common knowledge in the city that blackdragon had left SIE. Finally, the attack consisted of no more than a gentle scrolling, making an awful lot of noise but leaving little lasting damage. Who would pay a hit team to use the least cost effective means of attack?

If you add up all the evidence, there is a reasonable indication that he ordered the attack on himself in an attempt to discredit the SIE. If this is the case, he did a very bad job of it. The Ravenblack Grimoire are currently exploring this avenue further.



It would be lovely to know exactly which member of the hit team confessed being hired. Aside from the not so cost effective means, however, it may be wise to not jump conclusions yet. SIE was not behind it, however there is not proof that blackdragon was either. If it were him, he would have scrolled his own wife, Liz Summers, someone whom he loves more than life itself. There for this assumed course of action is highly unlikely. Better to not stir the pot if there is no hard proof.

~Lotus Proud member of SIE


Thank you Lotus, for your considered reply. This article was posted in the Editorial section, not the News section.

With the News section I need to have a good reason to believe what is printed, or I won’t print it. I do make mistakes, but one of the benefits of a collaborative publication like the Grimoire is that, with luck, the story will end up as correct.

The Editorial section, however, is the opinion of the Ravenblack Grimoire. This is where we outline our views or perhaps air conspiracy theories. We may well be wrong about BlackDragon, but for the moment at least, it is our opinion.

I hope this clarifies things a little.

Liz Summers

Your conclusions are not only completely wrong, but also a joke. First off, my husband would never have ordered a hit on himself and then have me, his wife, caught in the crossfire. blackdragon only found out about the hits after I showed him that I had been scrolled and I have conversations of us debating who might be behind those attacks. Secondly, we left SIE in peace. We never planned to harm SIE in any way after leaving, we had no reason to. We didn’t even announce that we were leaving in any public halls, we just wanted to leave quietly and start anew. Third, I wouldn’t call 175 scrolls and 7 HWs by 7 assassins, amounting to a total of about 64,000 coins and resulting in a loss of 3,000 BP within maybe two hours, gentle scrolling. I am not saying that SIE ordered the hit on my husband. I am merely stating that blackdragon did NOT do it himself. What you presented in your article cannot be called evidence, they are weak assumptions.

Even if this reflects only your opinion, as you stated in response to Lotus’s comment, I can’t just not comment on this.


grins Madam, I cannot fault your logic. I accept we were probably wrong in this instance. But it does beg the question: who did order the hit?

Liz Summers

That, Madeye, we will try to find out as fast as possible. Thank you for reconsidering on this matter.