Archangel Interview

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As this interview has already been published in the Ravenblack Alleyways hall, and the vote, even discounting Clan AA members, is overwhelmingly in favour of the Grimoire printing this, here is the interview Madeye did with Archangel.

It has been tidied slightly: the beginning and end have been removed and an unecessary accidental cut and paste pruned out, but otherwise it is faithful. The unedited version is available in RBA if this does not suffice.

<Archangel> It is a pleasure to meet you
Madeye smiles
<Madeye> Likewise
<Madeye> I love meeting the bogeymen 
Madeye grins
<Archangel> hehehehehehehe
<Madeye> Just let me grab a beer BRB
<Archangel> you got it
<Madeye> Have beer
<Archangel> can't do without beer
<Archangel> before you begin, may I ask a question?
<Madeye> To be honest, I wasn't looking to interview tonight - I just thought I would drop in and say hi
<Madeye> Sutre
<Madeye> Sure
<Archangel> I was curious if you could tell me a little about your publication, how long has it been out, etc.
<Madeye> I started the Ravenblack Grimoire back in May 2005
<Archangel> ...and if you would prefer not to do the interview, that would be ok, I'm afraid I jumped to that 
        conclusion when I heard you were here
<Madeye> But I had only been in the city 6 weeks at the time 
<Madeye> We shall play it by ear
<Archangel> I have told my officers to immediately inform me if you show up, lol.
<Madeye> I have some doubt as to whether I will publish at this stage
<Archangel> so, my apologies, I don't want to rush you
<Archangel> ok
<Madeye> Perhaps we just talk - see where it takes us? 
<Madeye> I am not good with formal interviews, set questions etc anyway
<Archangel> sure, and feel free to guide the convo
<Madeye> Have you read the paper?
<Archangel> I'm afraid I do not frequent the boards where your paper is found
Madeye grins
<Madeye> My paper is not some hick Yahoo group
<Archangel> hehehehehehe
<Madeye> I run maybe a dozen RB related sites and not one of them is a Yahoo group
<Madeye> I cannot stand them
<Archangel> a good policy anytime
<Archangel> rofl
<Archangel> I will post that to the RBA
<Madeye> I believe if a job is worth doing it is worth doing right
Madeye smiles, showing a lot of teeth
<Archangel> hehehehehe
<Madeye> Depends what you mean by "on"?
<Madeye> RBA is a Yahoo group is it not?
<Archangel> yes it is
<Madeye> You can post the link or put it in the umm Links section or something
<Archangel> yep, thats the plan...hope it helps
<Madeye> I have covered your clan and not positively
<Archangel> Thats too bad. Why not positively?
<Madeye> In fact - you were the subject of my first editorial 
<Archangel> We are a very positive clan
Madeye smiles
<Archangel> I'm sacred to read it
<Madeye> I am in the business of selling newspapers
<Archangel> how bad was it? lol. Was it a shred job?
<Madeye> This was posted around the time of your deletion:
<Archangel> 1 sec
Madeye expects the bum's rush
<Madeye> Hmm Crazyinblack just registered 
<Archangel> ooooooooooo.....child molester remark not so good.
<Archangel> perhaps I can convince you to compensate for that with this interview?

<Madeye> But supportable
<Madeye> Hello :D
<Archangel> How?
<Archangel> I don't see how that is supportable
<Madeye> You are 100% sure that all those who were in earshot of the lewder proclamations that day were over 18?
<Archangel> of course not
<Archangel> The members who did those were SEVERELY punished
<Madeye> So you cannot be sure that you did not damage a child with your words?
<Archangel> nearly thrown out of the clan in fact
<Madeye> You hold the ultimate responsibility
<Archangel> I do
<Madeye> The remark stands
<Archangel> very well
<Archangel> But it's a stretch
<Madeye> Shall we take a break?
<Archangel> No i'm good
<Madeye> The remark was inflammatory sure, but show me rhetoric that isn't
<Archangel> hehehehehe
<Archangel> I completely understand
<Madeye> I am fine thank you
Madeye nods his head in greeting
<Madeye> Have we met before?
<Archangel> It is my hope that I can show you another side of our clan, the real side, not the propaganda 
        created by our enemies
<Archangel> I don't think so
<Madeye> I can see that side of it - my problem is that I am not sure that anything I might publish will 
        make any difference
<Archangel> oh, you are reacting to a different window, sry
<Madeye> Sorry - it all comes out as one for me
<Madeye> Just had LadyRobinHood saying hi :)
<Archangel> Thats ok... at least you will know that your next editorial will be more central to the 
        "truth" at least the truth from the clan AA point of view
<Madeye> Well, you have some work to do to achieve that
<Archangel> Our clan, if left alone and unmolested, would do nothing but party and have fun.
<Madeye> So why the stunt at the Hall of Binding?
<Archangel> we have become fed up.
<Archangel> We tried to leave the city, and go into chrysalis, and RP among ourselves.
<Madeye> So what happened?
<Archangel> Our enemies followed us, attempted to force us into their roleplay, and attacked us, without 
        break, until we "snapped" as a clan.
<Archangel> We left the city neutral, we have returned evil.
<Madeye> Who were your enemies in this case? How can someone force you into a roleplay?
<Archangel> 1st question
<Archangel> cob, Sie, seraphim, TiC
<Archangel> 2nd question
<Archangel> There are many ways to force roleplay, in one incident, our names were added, in derogatory 
        fashin, to an awards ceremony. People also go OOC in extreme and viscious ways
<Archangel> We cannot ignore hundreds of holywaters, our responses were RP'd
<Archangel> etc.
<Madeye> The awards ceremony was point scoring at most 
<Madeye> But, holy waters, sure, hard to ignore
<Archangel> There were many things that were done, in order to make it appear as if we had not left the 
        city, when all we wanted was to be left alone
<Madeye> In preparing for this interview, I spoke to some of the supposed leaders of this city about your 
<Madeye> What their view were
<Archangel> Taken individually they may appear insignificant, I'll grant that
<Archangel> ok
<Madeye> Ignoring the rhetoric, the common complaint was that you make no distinction between IC and OOC
<Archangel> Thats a company line
<Madeye> I was told you require an OOC oath to join Clan Archangel. Is this true?
<Archangel> untrue
<Madeye> Is there an oath at all?
<Archangel> No required oaths, tho many members make oaths anyways.
<Archangel> There is an officers oath
<Madeye> But it is strictly IC?
<Archangel> but its actually part of the OTS ceremony
<Archangel> all IC
<Archangel> completely
<Archangel> feel free to ask any member
<Madeye> So where does this perception come from? These things do not materialise out of thin air ...
<Archangel> after a member is made an officer, we all break chairs and throw him or her into the chocolate
<Archangel> I have no idea, there's a lot of BS propaganda out there
<Madeye> Why the obscentities?
<Archangel> my "BS" ?
Madeye laughs his ass off
<Madeye> No
<Archangel> The RP involving hesu?
<Madeye> Yes
<Madeye> Plus earlier OOC incidents but my direct knowledge is sketchy
<Archangel> Well we don't go in for that, I was as shocked as anyone else, the two members were punished 
        pretty severely
<Madeye> But it is only members of your clan that do such things
<Archangel> Untrue
<Archangel> totally untru
<Archangel> e
<Madeye> OK - so who and when?
<Archangel> you obviously have no idea
<Madeye> That is perhaps true - I have been in this city less than 11 months
<Archangel> I could go on for days about MUCH WORSE things that have happened to our members, we just 
        didn't go whining to Ravenblack about it
<Archangel> I cannot tell you how many times I've been used as a toilet by SIE seraphime and Cob
<Madeye> Can you give me examples of who said what to whom and when?
<Madeye> Concrete information
<Archangel> Me, my RH, my LH, our catles,...
<Archangel> castle
<Archangel> What you want names?
<Madeye> There is no value in reporting that you said this because it will simply not be believed
<Archangel> I know that, I'm telling you personally
<Madeye> Unless you can give me names and dates and what was said
<Archangel> I don't expect you to print that
<Madeye> Well, you can be certain I will not print it without supporting evidence
<Archangel> of course, but I want you to be able to see the situation through my eyes
<Madeye> I can see it through your eyes, I just can't prove it
<Madeye> May I ask about Avigon?
<Archangel> I feel I'll be pretty lucky if I even get a favorable report here, but I'm taking a shot. I 
        am not used to being treated fairly. I no longer expect it.
<Archangel> Yes ask
<Archangel> what would you like to know?
<Archangel> understand that this subject goes WAY WAY ooc
<Madeye> Yes - I realise
<Archangel> very well, just so you are prepared for that
<Archangel> what would you like to know?
<Madeye> When I first joined the city I was told that you had circulated pictures of Avigon in a fit of pique
<Madeye> Is there any truth to this?
<Archangel> yes
<Archangel> Let me tell the whole story from the beginning
<Archangel> When avigon was in my clan, she became smitten with me
<Archangel> OOC smitten
<Archangel> She began sending me nude pics of herself
<Madeye> Brave of her
<Madeye> She obviously trusted you
<Archangel> Well, stupid may be a better word
<Madeye> Stupid to trust you?
<Archangel> I am a very trustworthy person
<Archangel> it was stupid of her to do what I'm about to describe to you
<Madeye> I am listening
<Archangel> This will take a moment
Madeye listens patiently
<Archangel> As I fell in love with my RL wife, Avigon became more and more jealous
<Archangel> until she left the clan...BUT SHE CONTINUED SENDING PICS!
<Archangel> Now we kept all of this quiet, as it was OOC and quite personal
<Archangel> But she only became more and more stalkerish, finally my wife threatened to tell people about 
        the pics, because she was beginning to get her freinds together against us now.
<Archangel> The pics finally stopped, but now Avigon was saying that there were no pics, that they didn't exist.
<Madeye> Understandable, if factually inaccurate
<Madeye> You did not allow her this fig leaf?
<Archangel> My wife began to lose freinds over this crap, people were telling her that she was making it 
        all up, accusing her of lying about the pics
<Archangel> I sat and watched my wife cry every night because Avigon had the city calling her a whore and 
        a liar.
<Archangel> so I fixed it by showing who the real liar and slut was.
<Archangel> I sent the "nonexistant" pics out
<Madeye> You fixed nothing 
<Madeye> What you did was very human, but very wrong
<Madeye> Sorry - I am not trying to judge
<Archangel> Well Thats what happened, different people will judge me different ways
<Archangel> I stand by what I did, trust me when I tell you it was getting ugly, I had to do something
<Archangel> anyway...that's how it all came down
<Madeye> It is a question of degree
<Madeye> Did it fix anything? Did your wife's friends return?
<Archangel> I prolly could have released just ONE of the pics or something, but it is my nature to snap and nuke.
<Archangel> yes, things have been much better
<Archangel> she's not crying every night anymore
<Madeye> You crossed a line there - my conceren is that you did not see it as you walzed across it
<Madeye> May I ask who your wife is?
<Archangel> you are prolly correct
<Archangel> Human behind Lady tejas
<Archangel> and Mooncalf
Madeye smiles 
<Madeye> Yes - I thought as much
<Archangel> It's a well known fact, it's not like she hides it or anything
<Madeye> No - I know - I just wanted to be sure
<Archangel> kk
<Archangel> I hate ugly OOC stuff. But that incident is at the very root of my clan's IC problems.
<Madeye> Yes - this is why I am asking you about it
<Archangel> As you can see, it is our enemies who have the problem with IC/OOC separation
<Madeye> It is also why I am not sure whether it fixed anything
<Madeye> Did your wife's friends return?
<Archangel> Let's say that it didn't fix EVERYTHING
<Archangel> yes, several of her freinds saw the light
<Archangel> I don't think they all did
<Madeye> Plus your IC problems were compounded?
<Archangel> I have found that it was only trouble with newer vamps. Those who have known me seem to be 
        better at IC/OOC separation
<Madeye> When things were very bad, could you not have taken a deep breath and separated the shit in the 
        city from the real world?
<Madeye> Take your wife out to dinner and laugh about it?
<Madeye> Instead of mailing the pictures?
<Archangel> Oh I did. I took no IC actions. I had complete separation. I took great care to do so.
<Archangel> Mailing the pics was a complete OOC action. I did not RP it or anything
<Archangel> I took GREAT CARE to separate
<Archangel> I still do...
<Archangel> I get accused of IC/OOC crossover so much, that I go the extra mile to make sure it doesn't happen.
<Madeye> I will confess I am lazy with it at times
<Archangel> you will find that those who accuse us of crossover are some of the worse offenders
<Madeye> Do you wish to put names to that statement?
<Archangel> they constantly use terms such as tej-calf, etc.
<Archangel> sure here are some name and incidents
<Archangel> the worse offenders are Hesu, Avigon, Murrz, Arsanga, and that whole sie/seraphim group
<Archangel> Sadiablo HW'd mooncalf and called him Tej while doing it
<Madeye> You do not separate between SIE and Seraphim?
<Archangel> Hesu has stated that IC/OOC are the same to her when it comes to my wife.
<Madeye> Is that not just that the human dislikes the human as much as the character dislikes the character?
<Archangel> They are two clans who work jointly, tho they try hard to give the impression that they hate each other
<Archangel> They HW together, and have warmeetings together
<Madeye> SIE was born from Archangel was it not? How did this come about?
<Archangel> Which Character? Mooncalf or Lady tejas? They are played separately.
<Archangel> Hesu left the clan and attempted to burn the place on her way out. She had been planning for months.
<Madeye> I was playing devil's advocate regarding Hesu's statement: IC and OOC are the same, she hates them both
<Archangel> I understand
<Madeye> Burn the place?
<Madeye> What was her grievance?
<Archangel> Yes, trashed files, destroyed anything she or her minions had access to before they left
<Archangel> She had no grievence, she is simply power hungry. That's ok. It's a game about power afterall.
<Madeye> Did she give a reason?
<Archangel> Well the real reason was that I would not take her as queen
<Madeye> This seems to happen alot
<Archangel> she was denied power, so she left.
<Archangel> At least she was IC about it.
<Madeye> Did she leave alone?
<Archangel> She took a few with her.
<Archangel> I don't remember how many. Mostly forge students
<Archangel> she was in charge of the forge at that time
<Archangel> All clans have an exodus once in a while
<Archangel> 1 sec
<Madeye> Yes - so why the acrimony?
<Madeye> OK
<Archangel> I'm sorry, I don't know what the word Acrimony means
<Archangel> Amazing,as I have a pretty good vocabulary
<Archangel> lol
<Madeye> Bitterness
<Madeye> The bad blood between SIE and AA
<Archangel> Thank you, I'll have to use that today, so I remember it, lol.
<Madeye> Acrimonious might ring a bell 
<Archangel> Well, like I said, she tried to burn the place down on her way out
<Archangel> And she jumped on the OOC bandwagon
<Archangel> She lies about us a lot, you should interview CrazyinBlack about that, Hesu seems to have a 
        special place in her dark little heart for Crazy.
<Madeye> She failed - so surely you either destroy her or let her walk away in peace
<Archangel> We let her walk away.
<Archangel> But when we left the city, the SIE was one of the clans that harrassed us
<Madeye> Surely your words about her are no more objective than hers about you
<Archangel> darkwolf suffered 47 holywaters for no reason at all
<Archangel> Probably not, but I try to do the best I can
<Madeye> Holywaters in this city are the currency of hate - par for the course - the manifestation of 
        physical strength
<Archangel> We have not attacked any of their members, yes the SIE continues to do things like zero Bloodgod
<Archangel> They write Ravenblack about every little thing, hoping to delete vamps
<Archangel> the city never used to be like this
<Madeye> Perhaps you should fight fire with fire?
<Archangel> That last news update from Ravenblack was directed at Hesu, you know.
<Madeye> The spamming one?
<Archangel> Yes
<Archangel> RB was not happy that Hesu lied to him
<Madeye> I do not know anyone that thinks it was anything other than directed at you for trying to get 
        your vampire undeleted
<Madeye> I am not saying that is correct - just that it is news to me
<Archangel> hahahahahahahaha!!!!!
<Madeye> How did she lie to RB?
<Archangel> read it! He says his decision STANDS!
<Archangel> Who do you THINK he was talking to???
<Archangel> OMG
<Madeye> How did Hesu lie to him?
<Archangel> She claimed that Tejas owned all four vampires
<Archangel> And she claimed it was ongoing
<Madeye> That is easily verified from examining the IP addresses
<Archangel> yes, and once he made his investigation, he found her statements to be untrue
<Archangel> That is why I'm still here
<Archangel> Had she told the truth, he would not have reversed his decision
<Archangel> I strongly suggest you reread that update, it is obvious who he's talking to
<Archangel> You don't delete vampires for kissing a bride.
<Madeye> What was the alleged offence?
<Archangel> Well, she convinced RB that my character was involved in that nasty rape roleplay
<Archangel> when it turned out to be untrue, he was pretty angry. And people threatened him as well.
<Madeye> I see
<Archangel> It's amazing that people can twist that update into making it sound like he was talking to US
<Archangel> The ability of some in this city to fabricate their own realities is absolutely amazing.
<Archangel> If you listen to the hype, you'd think I was a childmolester!
<Madeye> I have already said that :P
<Archangel> yet, these complete lies are circulated freely as if true
<Madeye> Such is the way with the city



Arch, you stated this in the interview: “It is my hope that I can show you another side of our clan, the real side, not the propaganda created by our enemies”. When is that happening? This also truly bothers me: “I hate ugly OOC stuff. But that incident is at the very root of my clan’s IC problems”.

First, that could not bother you overly much Arch as all anyone has to do is look at RBA and OOC is where you seem to take anything you can. Quite honestly, there are a ton of sites out there but yours seems especially full of OOC comments and the language content that is always there does say a lot as well. I daresay that alone is one of the reasons you have lost friends.

Now you seem to lay blame on the whole city for what you have become, even suggesting you snapped as a clan.

Consensus is yes, you certainly have snapped but I don’t think you see the way the city views you, just what you would like to see. How could so many people, some you state like Avignon for example, deserve what you did to her? Sad thing is that at first I believed it until I spoke to the right people. If that business was OOC like you said, I don’t think anyone understands why you took something OOC and pushed it as far as you did. You claim others have the prob with crossing ic/occ but again, all one needs to do is look at your site.

You also have insulted other friends of mine in this interview but out of respect for them, I will keep them out of it. See Arch, there is the difference. Some do have respect. Even more so, we know what it really means. If what you said holds true, that the Avignon OOC thing still impacts your clan to this day, then your clan is in a more sorry state than the city even imagined.

Now as for you stating your return and are now an evil clan. :jawdrop: So you consider trying to hold the Hall of Binding as evil? Oh Arch, please, all this seems like a bid on your side for some much needed attention.

I’ve watched you and cannot believe to the depths you have sunk. The way YOU try to tear people apart on your site and always take it OOC. And yes, I can up with many instances. RB reinstating you has nothing to do with that. It does not change what you have become. No one fears you my dear. No one wants to have anything to do with you. IMO, that’s the reason behind the Binding Hall fiasco. Oh but as for the city, we love tossing you all around when you do try and interfere. How much money have you made Arch? I bet you can’t name one person that has paid you.

Now I shall bear in mind how you take things so no, I am not calling you a child molestor but I couldn’t help but point out that you do use that word freely. In this interview, you mentioned it 3X. 1 as an answer for Madeye but the other 2, just slipped out in your general convo. Here: Our clan, if left alone and unmolested and also here: If you listen to the hype, you’d think I was a childmolester! Just an observation mind you.

Regarding you and I Arch, we got into a lil scuffle at the Hall of Binding. Did you expect me to send you a love letter? Yes, I did post strongly at RBA and you took the liberty of contacting me via email. ~snipped from Arch’s letter to me~ Your rant was just a little scary to me, like maybe it was OOC. I hope not. If not, then I apoligize for even thinking it was. Forgive me, but there have been so many OOC attacks that we’ve gotten a bit jumpy.

Now I respectively didn’t mention someone else’s name and also snipped it. But Arch, don’t play me for a fool. I’m glad you were scared. But know this, it was very real but very much IC ONLY! Tsk, tsk, Arch, did you really think I would do something like that OOC? I’m not psychotic Arch. But as for IC, yes, my words to you do stand and if I scared you, it means that I was effective.

If everyone who reads this and pays attention, Arch tried it again. He tossed me at the Hall of Binding and when I went to RBA to give him some love, he contacted me and tried to the ooc crap on me. I bet you were just hoping that I would say yes huh Arch? I suggest you think long and hard before you choose your next target for ooc assination.

Madeye, hats off to you with this interview. So sorry for going on and yes, this is the short version!



What is RBA, other than it being a Yahoo Group? I have even done web searches and group searches on Yahoo and can’t find any RavenBlack group that fits.

Thanks, Aahzmandius


RBA is the Ravenblack Alleyways Yahoo group. It is run by Tejas_dragon and is, as far as I know, the main public board for Clan Archangel. If you fancy an abusive slagging match, it is THE place to hang out, but probably not for the faint hearted. If you really want to liven things up for your self, tell them Madeye sent you ;-)