Blackdragon Update

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The vampire Blackdragon was attacked by a hit team yesterday. It was not, as previously reported, a gentle scrolling, but a vicious and bloody beating comprising 7 holy waters and 175 scrolls for a total of 3,000BP.

The assassins who carried out the attack, were for the most part from the shadowy S-12 group. In an unusual twist, however, Repoman was contracted to throw the first holy water. This may have been a diversionary tactic.

We are reliably informed that S-12 will only accept a contract from someone who has been wronged by the target. This would appear to rule out Blackdragon as the hirer, unless organised through an intermediary, as S-12 don’t do suicides. In an effort to narrow down the search, we are leafing through his ex-lovers trying to find one that doesn’t have a motive.

Due to the timing of the attack, it seems likely that the vampire behind the contract is either SIE or close to SIE, but the Ravenblack Grimoire does not believe the clan itself is involved.

We would like to thank Liz Summers for pointing out the flaws in our original theory.