Splinters Split

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In a low key message on Sunday, WhiteLighter, a leader of the Morningtide Splinters, delivered a message on behalf of his superior, BlackUnicorn. The message was quite simple: the Morningtide Splinters are disbanding as a clan.

Although it was not specifically mentioned, it is clear that Lady What The and TiC’s Adopt-a-Twig foundation put paid to this once feared clan of assassins. It was clear to all at the time that the Splinters were unwise to accept a contract on the TiC supremo, one of the most powerful figures in the city. To their credit, they stuck to their codex and accepted the job, even though it led to their inevitable annihilation.

No mention was made of the fate of the Morningtide’s sister clan, the Eventide Splinters, but there is nothing to suggest they have also closed their doors. It is not clear, however, what their revenue will be used for now their is no assassin branch to fund.