Ferrymen Opt Out

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Source: RBC / RBB

Jean DeVenn, a leader of the Ferrymen, called for restraint today, asking the slavering hounds of the Shadow Court and Church of Blood to remain out of the duel between AdaMaS and Lucius. He has indicated that the Ferrymen will remain aloof, but, as they stay infra-blue, it is clear that they could not intervene if they wanted to.

On their past record, it seems likely that the Shadow Court will ignore his plea entirely, especially as Lucius’ wfe Damari has proved to be less challenging than anticipated. She has been drinking herself noisily into the shadows, occasionally showing up drunkenly in the halls of Ravenblacks Blood, despite flouncing out earlier in a fit of pique.



Flounce? I do not flounce. I prefer to call it ‘grandus exitus’… nods

Damari <----  salutes with her Mojito *whispers* Where did I do this 'flouncing'? 

~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius


The request of the Ferry Leaders, to a T..will be respected by the Shadow Court. smiles


smiles this is perhaps worthy of a story in itself


My dear, with the number of mojitos you’ve had, you are lucky to be able to walk grins


Well, I do believe this is my first ever mention in any of the various gazettes and journals of Ravenblack. Thank you for noticing, Madeye ;)

Memo to self… DO try and stay out of the news, old fellow

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