Duelling Banjos

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It is the dead middle of the night. The sun is high above the opposite side of the planet. Two stubbly figures emerge and face each other off. The good people of the frontier town of Ravenblack City dive for cover behind water barrels and hastily shuttered windows.

Except they don’t. The two protagonists are cloaked in a haze of blue and can’t even interact with the townspeople, let alone harm them. They go about their business as usual, occasionally looking over at the pair as the holy waters fly.

A small smattering of fangirls sit close, engrossed in the combat unfolding before their eyes, rooting vociferously for their chosen hero. The children of the town play gaily around the legs of the two mean muchachos. They may as well be watching the fight on TV for all the danger it presents.

No longer do we dive for cover when the battles begin. We wander nonchalantly over with our video cameras hoping for an interview. “So, Darth AdaMaS, tell me, are you really Luc’s father?”

Welcome to the world of the battle cloak.