Binding: stephk and Remiel

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Source: Clan Seraphim

“Love at First Bite”

Clan Seraphim’s Minister of Public Records stephk and Remiel culminated their whirlwind romance this evening, binding at an exclusive Seraphim shotgun wedding ceremony conducted by the clan’s Minister of Defense Murrz Ramirez.

Although Remiel is a student in the Aules, where stephk is also a mentor, the happy couple met just last night.

At a casual gathering of Clan Seraphim members and students, stephk jokingly advertised, “So…anyone here single and want to marry me?”

Arsanga, Clan Seraphim’s Prime Minister, suggested Remiel.

“I said, ‘Hey steph, you should bind to Remiel, and I can adopt him, and then you’ll be family,’” Arsanga said.

Within hours, stephk and Remiel had become inseparable.

“It started out as a joke and he took me up on it,” stephk said of the three-hour courtship. She asked, “So when are we running to the Hall of Binding Rem?” to which he replied, “As soon as I get you a ring? I think there’s a shop around here with one.”

The twosome decided to make it official the following night.

Said Remiel, with only a slight hint of sarcasm, “There were sparks and flaring heat of passion. Once we reached thermal equilibrium we proceeded to defy physics in ways they only show you in biology.” He added solemnly: “[She] means the world to me.”

Arsanga met Remiel and stephk at the Hall of Binding, where she bound to Remiel as his sire, and then watched proudly as her new childer and stephk bound, bringing both into the ó Cionaoith fold.



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~Arsanga ó Cionaoith~ Prime Minister of Clan Seraphim Eternally Bound to Murrz Ramirez


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