The End of an Era

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Source: Shadow Court

The Ravenblack Grimoire are not usually in the business of printing press releases for clans, but this one really does stand apart:

Press Release

From the Shadow Court, RavenBlack City. It is with great regret we announce ophelia and nemesis_wings long standing Chancellors of the Shadow Court have stepped down from their positions as Chancellors. New Chancellors have not been announced as of yet.

The reason for this development, as quoted by ophelia, “It was time nods to let the new shine and the old lose the rest of their marbles.” ophelia still holds her position in Clan de Vengeurs and nemesis resides within the Halls of Shadow Court.



That’s an interesting development.

Sure would be interesting to see who will step up to the plate. I vote for Elektra !!! nods I like Elektra. She has a sense of humour.

Damari   ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius


Well you would like a Leader with a sense of humor.. I mean yours married you.. dies

AdaMaS The Soul Collector


yawns Please keep to the subject at hand AdaMaS. You’re becoming redundant AND repetitive.

Now, we’re here to witness the End of an Era not to listen to you heckle.

Damari ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius


This publication quite reveres the revered ex-Shadow Chancellor Ophelia waves humour detector at page and scrutinises the results, frowns Unless you want to hear about Damari and AdaMaS in steamy sauna spanking scandal, I’d keep your comments funny not dogmatic :P