The Second Night of the Duel

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A misty gloom hung over the duel zone as Lucius and evilive_inc, accompanied by their witnesses, waited for the second round of the duel to begin. A fierce battle started between the duelists as the voice of one of the witnesses, finishing the countdown died out. Soon the battle got to its peak, leaving the audience inspired with awe; however, the true surprise came when in the midst of the battle Lucius disappeared, leaving the audience inspired with even more awe.

But before the veil of silence could be torn by any comments, Lucius appeared again, apologizing and explaining that his sudden disappearance had been due to his mistaking a scroll of succor for a scroll of turning; though, all the while a rather delightful smile lingered upon his lips that made some wonder if the ‘mistake’ had been really a mistake, or did Lucius simply used that scroll of succor to steal a kiss from Damari? Just as Lucius had announced that he was ready and was suggesting his wish to start a new countdown suddenly a holy water, tossed by evilive_inc, came right flying at him.

Lucius demanded a compensating hit, for there had been no countdown to commence the duel. But evilive_inc thought otherwise, he believed that due to Lucius’ saying that he was ready, he had not seen any need to wait for another countdown.

Nevertheless the duel with the consent of both duelists continued and the problem remained to be solved at the end. At last came the time that the duel came to a halt, and when the two parties realized that the problem, caused by this unfortunate misunderstanding, could not be solved without a third party, called upon Lesion to judge as one. After listening carefully to the both sides, Lesion announced that he believed that the duelists should continue the duel as it is, but adding a new rule so that from now on only the witnesses can state the start of the duel’ Lucius finally decided to give up his idea of hitting back evilive_inc, laughing to himself and suggesting: ‘I am too romantic.’

Thus, with Lucius still holding the upper hand at 6241 blood points and evilive_inc at 5664 blood points, the duelists accompanied by their witnesses retired from the duel zone, only to wait for their next encounter.

The events, however, suggest that there has only been one true winner for tonight, and she is no other but the lady of Lucius’ heart, who didn’t expect such a lovely surprise!



We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Lunaida to the staff of the Ravenblack Grimoire. In this, her first piece, she relates what she saw as Lucius’ witness for the second round of the High Priest of Lies duel with evilive_inc.

We would also like to make it clear that, as with anything else in these pages, the ultimate responsibility for publishing lies with the editor and the Grimoire itself.


A pleasant surprise. smiles Albeit a costly piece of romantic fancy.

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