Interview with evilive_inc

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Ravenblack Grimoire interviewer Ophelia talks to evilive_inc about his duel with Lucius.

O: How do you feel after the first two rounds of The Duel Heard ‘Round the City? E: I never felt over confident, not even before starting. And that has not changed. I’ll put my best to win, and to not let down the people who believed in me. And that’s all I can say without falling into an overconfident attitude.

O: What were you feeling seeing Lucius come out on top in round one? E: Lucius took profit of the chances I gave him. I was not happy towards myself. Evidently I had not done things as I knew I had to do them, and of course the only one to be blamed for that was myself.

O: What did you do differently to bring it back for round two? Or is that something you don’t want to say nods Scratch that one maybe. E: Yeah scratch that one

O: How do you feel about the uncoming round? And when will it be? E: Next one, dunno… it will depend on many factors. I can be sure of what to do myself, but that also will depend on how he acts, and for sure from his side it’s the same. We yet have to settle date and hour, but apparently it might happen on Thursday night, maybe 6 PM EST, like first one

O: After two rounds in the duel, has your perspective changed at all on Lucius’ abilities as a fighter, or do you think its been more of a luck of the draw kind of thing? E: I never underestimated his fighting abilities. Even when it’s true that he always used words more than weapons, lately, not having an army behind him made him take matters in his own hands, and I think he discovered the pleasure of HW’ing, and even lost a bit of his past care for his blood, which had been maybe a bit excesive at times.

E: About luck… When two seasoned vampires are facing one on one, it has much to do with luck, sadly. But well, it’s the way things are

O: From your perspective, what happened at Duel number 2 when Lucius dissapeared? E: What happened there? from my PoV, it could be called a “technical mistake” O: Any final thoughts for the public, family and/or friends? E: A last comment, yes, for my family, friends, and anybody else around the City who has been showing me their support: A big thanks!

E: Though I know it can’t change what happens on the battlefield, it means a lot to me. And in case anybody has not noticed, this is not about me… not only about me.

O: And if you aren’t doing this for yourself, then what specifically ARE you doing it for? E: I said I’m not ONLY doing it for myself. thus, there are, ALSO, other reasons. Which by now I’ll keep for me. Those who are part of it surely understood it.

O: Anything else you’d like to add? E: Nothing else to add, except that there’s a thin line between strategy and cowardice…