Lucius Clinches Bloodiest Round Yet

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</table> NOTE: Projection is the result if all remaining rounds match this one. In what was the bloodiest round of the duel so far, where more than 4,000 pints of blood went flying, Lucius, the notorious bad boy and Ravenblack Grimoire columnist, regained the initiative beating his opponent 2,102 to 1,950. The duel is now entering it's final phase and Lucius must be regarded as the clear favourite in building up 729 blood lead, confounding both the bookmakers and public opinion with his prowess on the battlefield. # Comments ---- ## Aries 'twas not all the public's opinion. ;) Aries-God of war(LOL yeah right!)
Round: 3
VampireStartFinishBlood Loss
TotalsLucius 577 aheadLucius 729 aheadLucius gains 152
Projection:Lucius to win by 987 blood in Round 5