Interview with Lucius

1 minute read

The Ravenblack Grimoire interviews Lucius following round 3 of The Duel Heard ‘Round the City, where he is the current front runner.

RG: How do you feel after the first two rounds of The Duel Heard ‘Round the City?

L: I find the duel exhilarating and the last round - the third - was the most satisfying.

RG: What were you feeling pulling ahead in round one?

L: Full of adrelaline and a little bit surprised.

RG: How do you feel about the uncoming round? And when will it be?

L: Anxious, I’ve never underestimated my enemies and it’s not going to change now… The next round should be on Monday.

RG: From your perspective, what happened at Duel number 2 when you dissapeared?

L: There aren’t many perspectives… Shit happens. Sometimes you mistake a Spray for a Vial, sometimes it’s… “poof” instead of “spray.” In that case I joined Damari by mistake. So I’d call it a blessing in disguise. I paid the price of that mistake but looking back at it, it makes me smile. I know Damari appreciated it.

RG: WHY did you agree to the duel?

L: How can any respectable vampire turn down a duel? Besides it had never been done before and has a nice “Shakespeare meets Freud” touch.

RG: Any final thoughts for the public, family and/or friends? Anything else you’d like to add?

L: Enjoy.