TiC Sever Alliance With SIE

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The Inner Circle today severed it’s long standing alliance with the Sanctuary for Immortal Enlightenment. TiC supremo, Lady What The, took this action in response to comments made by Hesu in transcripts handed to her by the SIE renegade blackdragon.

blackdragon has been threatening to make public his conversations with Hesu since his recent split from SIE. Having not seen the full transcripts of the conversations it is very hard to gauge their meaning or their veracity, as only heavily edited versions were made publiic.

It must be assumed, however, that, for such action to be deemed necessary, the published excerpts must represent only the tip of the iceberg of the comments actually made. Regardless, this episode does not paint the SIE leader in a good light, as much for her naivety in trusting blackdragon as for anything she said.