Binding: Phoenixxe and Morgana18oo

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Source: Obsidian

On Saturday, January 21st, 2006 - Phoenixxe and Morgana18oo were married in a small private ceremony of their friends, family, and clanmates.

Phoenixxe was all smiles, in a simple but elegant black gown outlined with silver accents. gmanusrex, handsomely attired in a black Armani tuxedo, escorted the beautiful Phoenixxe down the aisle.

Morgana18oo was simply glowing in her silver gown with black accents, vampsaretramps, in a gorgeous Chiarelli Uomo tuxedo, escorted the sweet and sassy Morgana18oo down the aisle. The ever graceful and most loved vampiress, ophelia, sire to Morgana18oo, presided over the marriage. The two lovebirds exchanged vows before their guests: nemesis_wings, Raven Nyx Raynes, deaths embrace, Elektra, and obsidian.

Congratulations to Phoe and Morgie!!!!!