Church of Bitch Slap

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The High Priest of Lies and Ravenblack Grimoire columnist, Lucius, is this morning paying the price for yesterday dropping his trousers and mooning the Shadow Court. Reports are coming in that, following Lucius’ audacious escape, the Church of Blood and the Shadow Court have turned their attentions to his wife, Damari.

Attacks from epona, angelic snowflake NiFlhEiM, bad boy Moirai, SPIRIT WRAITH, revered Shadow Court Chancellor ophelia, nemesis_wings, closet toker Bellina, Hesu hubby shadowsshade, reach, baby evilive gmanusrex, Morgana1800, the lovely Phoenixxe, and Kilashayne have left Damari groggy and reeling.

Unfortunately for her, Damari is an outspoken critic of the battle cloak, and thus cannot follow her husband over to the blue side without abandoning her vigorously defended principles. Even were this not the case, Damari’s previous record suggests that she would stand and fight rather than seek temporary refuge from her pursuers.

It is only a matter of time before torpor separates this pair of notorious newlyweds.

The question hanging over both the recent engagements is: where is evilive_inc? The Shadow Court have twice gone into battle without their big man and talismanic leader. While they are still a fearsome outfit without him, their enemies will certainly quake less in their boots if he is gone for much longer.



I’m going to be camping, on the street, sitting in my chaise reading a book, sometimes watchin TV. Drinking Mojito’s. Waiting for the power of Shadows.

Flips her antagonists two fingers in dainty like fashion

Unless of course they actually come up with an intelligent reason for the attacks other than “Because we want to” or “The Wheel told me to do it”

nods and goes back to reading, turning the page

Damari   ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius


a drink?

pours a glass of blood wine and proffers


Doesn’t drinking mojitos require action points? Certainly does when I do it … :P and a “get out of jail free” card might be handy too


Thank You …asshaamadniu … aahzamantit… Ummm THANKS !! takes another Mojito and salutes You have a very difficult name for this lady, two mojito’s more than wise, to say properly.

 Damari   ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius

stormy jayne

Hey my name should have been on that list too! * Feels all left out and overlooked* And Lucius displaced me too. snickers