Severing: Moondreamer severs Valorian

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Shadow Court member Moondreamer af Gyllenstierna severed her long time childe Valorian today, reportedly following a quarrel about Moon’s partner, creperum. It is not clear at this stage whether this was a whimsical severing, or part of a reversal of the af Gyllenstierna’s recent policy of acquiring prestigious vampires.

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Lady Moondreamer

I applaude the in depth accurate reporting style that is the hallmark of The Grimiore. Congrats. ~yawns~

Lady Moondreamer Clan de Vengeurs Shadow Court Companion of Empress creperum Vengeance in my heart; Death in my hands


It is the policy of the Grimoire to keep notices in this section brief, unless those involved wish to indulge in either vitriolic abuse or base sycophancy and supply us with the copy. Frankly, we aren’t that enthused with who has done what to whom.


Indeed Madeye, Moondreamer could have written you a MUCH greater work of martyrdom fiction giggles


Please get my name right next time. I am creperum, the leader of a clan. Creperum, with a capital C, is a member of the Dark Shadows Clan. Thank you. ~bows~

Empress creperum ~The Empire~ companion to Moondreamer


Apologies, madam. I did wonder why Lady Moondreamer was slumming it with someone from the Dark Shadow clan :P


Hmm, it was my understanding that Creperum was the love child tejas_dragon made for herself during her relationship with her then-sire, WanderingFool…

I need to keep things straight shakes head sadly

~Victoire Beloved of Hidden_Kenshin


‘Prestigious vampire’ is a phrase coined by someone ‘outside’ of House of Gyllenstierna.

For the record Valorian was Never “af Gyllenstierna”, and would never be.

And Who said Valorian was “prestigious”?

Shikon af Gyllenstierna