Siring: oOPHYy sires jimmher

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Lady Ophy

Aw well, look at that! :P

~Lady Ophy Virtus Sodalitas Eternally bound to WhiteLighter

stormy jayne

I am very pleased to see this my Lady. MAYBE…….. between you and me both nagging him we can teach him to control that temper! I have been working behind the scenes telling him to listen to you……….. but alas he doesn’t always listen to me either.ROLLS EYES

I am trying to beat some common sense into his hard head. LOL!!! But I think it is going to take awhile. So…..I am off to stab him and hit him with a stick some more.With love of course!Besides, I think he likes it!

Vidamesse stormy jayne CdV SC ~Vengeance in my heart, Death in my hand~ ~the Tempest aka lilsnot1~ ~Companion to her Beloved jimmher~

Lady Ophy

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Aaah, hugs Stormy It’s good to know you are helping me out, behind the scene or not, it’s appreciated!

I am beating him down, the poor one…. Got to do what I got to! ;)

Thank you Stormy!

~Lady Ophy Virtus Sodalitas Eternally bound to WhiteLighter Sire to epeo, bayer143, MacManus, jimmher, RowanBeth

Lady Ophy

(OOC: very appreciated Madeye, thanks :) )

-The Human






Jimmher dumps oOPHYy as sire and greet’s his new sire (and rather elagant) Ms Errie, Queen of Warriors of Eternity :)