How To Register

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While is open to all, there is no automatic registration process. This is mainly because the management like to know all members personally, but also because potential users are a small, select group, so there is no need.

If you do want to sign up you can:

  • register with Ravenblack Grimoire and post a comment on this very page


  • drop an email to matt at madeye dot com

Either way, please state your desired username and clan affiliation, if any. If your reputation preceeds you, the chances are you will get an administrator’s account giving you the ability to create other users.

Your password will be emailed to you (either to the address with which you registered for Ravenblack Grimoire or the address from which the request was sent).





Done, welcome aboard :)



I would like to sign up with sightings too. Sent you an e-mail but haven’t received any reaction.

Something happened which might have caused a reply to go astray, so I decided to comment here as well.



Sorry, I tend to disappear off into the wilderness frequently in the summer :D Apologies for the delay, I’ve emailed you the username and password.


You can now use without needing to register. You only need to register if you are wish to enter guild and shop locations. At the moment, I am not regularly entering shops and guilds, as I lack the time. I would like to put some people together to do this, however.


I was only exposed to this site today, but appreciate its existence. Likewise, I would also like to know if I am eligible to use My human is a college student who often visits campus Macintosh labs and thus cannot use DA:IM. Stagnant maps provided by my clan and other institutions make navigating and planning quite difficult. Please be in touch at

Respectfully, Gringa Clan Seraphim Ameily’s other half

Viva Seraphim!



Once the movement of shops and guilds is fully tracked, if you’d like, I can try to deal with it. Maybe just guilds at first, for lack of time myself. But every few days, shouldn’t be so bad.

Gringa Clan Seraphim Ameily’s other half

Viva Seraphim!


Should you find room in the database for me, I’d very much like to peruse said mapping system. Love the paper, by the way.



I’ve recently returned to the game after my last account perished and a map this time around might help … heh heh…

I’d appreciate it ^__~ Thanks!

~Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you.


I am wondering if per chance I can get access as well. Thank you in advance!



I would also like access to this tool, with this same user name. I have no clan affliation. Thanks in advance.


I’d like this tool. Can you sign me up with this same name?

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Last Duchess

I’d like to sign up at I read the description and I like it :) so I hope you accept me. My use name is Last Duchess

Thank you.


Ooh. I’d like to use this. Might help. Username: BladeOfRayne. Thanks in advance. :]

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It looks like a wonderfully useful site. If possible, please sign me up with the name goddessred. I have no current or prior clans.


I’d like to join. Just use STK and I’m not in a clan.


I forgot to mention my vampire’s name is Rayc, and I have no clan affiliations at all.


Would you please add me to this? My ‘pire’s name is Hanyou.


I would like to use this mapping system, and would appreciate having the opportunity to use it. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to checking it out! :)


Please add me. My vampire’s name is sammy. Not part of any clan. Thanx.