1 minute read is the sister site to Ravenblack Grimoire. It is a mapping and navigation site for the Ravenblack vampire game allowing users to find their way around.

While there are other programs around, such as Dark Alleyways Interactive Map (DA:IM), we feel that fills a niche: where DA:IM can be thought of as a big Cadillac automatic wallowing around on cruise control, is more of a tight stick-shift Ferrari. You have to work that little bit harder to get around, but it is so much more rewarding.

As it is a pure website serving up basic HTML, can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection and a web browser.

Specifically, is aimed at people who can not or will not use DA:IM, including:

  • people who don't use Windows, such as Macintosh or Linux users (like us!)
  • people who play RB on computers where they cannot install outside software (such as at work or college).
  • People who like to exercise their brain in the course of playing Ravenblack (we didn't think there were many of these originally, but now most of the user base fall into this category).

Like the sound of it? See the next section to find out how to sign up.