Coordinates Explained

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The Ravenblack vampire game is played on a large grid. For a basic understanding of how this grid works, please read this description by the late Andronicus.

In order for to know where you are so it can draw maps for you, we need a way to explain exactly which square you are in. The basics of this are very similar to describing where you are in pretty much any American city: you give the name of the East/West street you are on together with the name of the North/South street.

So, in the example below, Madeye would be on Hessite & 97th.

But what if you are not exactly on an intersection? Well, in that case you need to say where you are in relation to that intersection. So, in the preceeding example, the McAllister Tavern is South East of Hessite & 97th, or Hessite & 97th (SE). Incidentally, in the Ravenblack game, if no compass direction is given, it is assumed to be South East. The previous picture shows all the possible compass directions that can be used, including X marks the spot :P

The sharper readers may have noticed that most of the squares on the grid actually has two names, depending on which square you are measuring from. This next example shows this:

As far as is concerned, you can call the square either name and it will know what you mean.

When using the navigation features of the site, you will enter your position using three drop down menus: the first giving the East/West street (eg. Hessite), the second giving the North/South street (eg. 97th) and the final on e to give the direction (eg. SE). It looks something like this:

				<td>What is your current location?</td>

					<td><select name="startCoord"><option value="Aardvark" selected="selected">Aardvark</option> <option value="Alder">Alder</option> <option value="Buzzard">Buzzard</option> <option value="Beech">Beech</option> <option value="Cormorant">Cormorant</option> <option value="Cedar">Cedar</option> <option value="Duck">Duck</option> <option value="Dogwood">Dogwood</option>

</select></td> </tr>

					<td><select name="startCoord"><option value="1st" selected="selected">1st</option> <option value="2nd">2nd</option> <option value="3rd">3rd</option>

</select></td> </tr>


					<td><select name="startCoord"><option value="NW">NW</option> <option value="N">N</option> <option value="NE">NE</option> <option value="W">W</option> <option value="X">X</option> <option value="E">E</option> <option value="SW">SW</option>

</select></td> </tr> </tr> <tr><td colspan="2"> </td></tr></table>