Find Nearest

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The Find Nearest function is probably one of the handiest bits of It allows you to find the nearest pub, guild etc. to your current location. This can be really useful, if, say, you’ve just robbed 2000 coins off some poor pire and you need to find the nearest bank quick.

The first thing to do is work out your current location (read this description if you are unsure). This information should then be entered into the three drop down boxes at the top of the page that appears when you click the Find Nearest link.

Below these three boxes is a check box lablled “Use Transits”. Leave this box checked if you want to use transits when finding the nearest locations. Clear the check if, say, you’re on a Celerity quest and don’t want to use transits.

When you press the Find nearest button, a table of the nearest game locations is displayed. The table shows the type of the location (bank etc), it’s name, how far away it is and whether a transit journey is required to reach it.

The number of locations of each type shown in the table depends on which option you have selected in your Settings.

Generally speaking, the nearer you are to a transit station the more likely it is that will find a nearest pub or bank that requires a transit journey to reach.

The name field is a link that can be clicked to get directions from your current position to the desired location. The directions use compass points for direction (NE, S etc) and give a number of moves in each direction. For example:

The route from Aardvark & 1st (SE) to Calliope (48AP) is:

   1. SE x 48

If you are unsure about which direction is which, here is a handy map: