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Available to Everyone

The Lists option can be used to show, well, lists of all the places in the game. If you are a registered user, it can also be used to find the nearest bank, pub etc. to a particular place and to show maps of the local area.

To use Lists, click on the menu link and select the kind of place (Pub, Owned Building etc) you wish to list. Clicking the Go button will produce an alphabetically sorted list of all the locations of that particular type that knows about and it’s last known position on the map.

In addition, registered users will be presented with additional links for Find Nearest and Show Map. Clicking these links give the same result as using the Find Nearest or Show Map function centred on the location of the shop, bank, guild etc.

If the position of the place is not known, then no information will be given and the additional links will not be available.