Report a Sighting

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Available to Registered Users who have Sightings enabled by their Administrator.

Within the Ravenblack game, there are two kinds of buildings that are always moving: shops and guilds. The Report a Sighting menu option allows you to tell where these are when you find one.

It doens’t matter whether you have found the location by chatting to the bartender of a local pub, wandering past in person or by cribbing from the Freedom Trade Alliance: this menu option allows you to report a sighting. As soon as the sighting is made, the building will appear on maps, find nearest and be available for getting directions.

Before reporting a sighting, you should be sure that you know what the correct location of the correct guild or shop is (including whether it’s a scroll, potion or magic shop). At the moment, the only way to correct an erroneous sighting is to make the correct sighting after (which is tricky if you’ve actually entered the wrong building). If you do make an erroneous sighting, it’s not the end of the world. Just email Madeye.

Once you are ready to make the sighting, click on the Report a Sighting link. You will then be asked what kind of place you have sighted:

What kind of place has been sighted?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, then it’s best you go away and think about it for a while. You can use Show Lists to list the different kinds of shops until you find the one you spotted, then come back.

Suppose you were reporting the location of a Guild. You would get this as the next page:

</tr> </table>

Once these details are filled in (see this description if you are unsure about coordinates), press Report Sighting and the details will be entered into the system. People who report sightings are generally held in high regard on the site even if they make the occasional mistake.
What kind of place has been sighted? Guild
What is the name of the place that has been sighted?
Where is this place located?
Sighted bymatt
Time of sighting14/06 20:27