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The Show Recent menu option lists all of the current sightings of shops and guilds. As shops and guilds move around often, this page is handy for checking if knows the current whereabouts of somewhere you may be trying to get to.

This page displays the name of the person who made the sighting and the time at which the sighting was made. This hopefully ensures that people check carefully before making a sighting as their name will be up there in lights. also makes an estimate of the time at which the shop or guild will move next. If you have set your settings right, these times will be displayed in your local timezone.

For guilds, this is pretty accurate as the times of the moves are well documented. For shops, it’s a bit hit and miss as the move is guessed to be 12 hours after the sighting was made. Once the move time is reached, forgets where the building is until the next sighting is made.