The Entries

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This section contains the entries to the pub competition in the order in which they were received.



Name of Pub: Wicked Dreams


Come, step into a world of imagination, a filled with magic, a world where not everything is what it seems. Come’ to Wicked Dreams.

A flowering garden filled with Renaissance-like statues approaches your vision as you step through the gates. It is a garden filled with exotic plants, and its own waterfall stemming out into a pool. As you move towards the door of the rather chic building you cannot help but notice a pair of bright purple flames, contained as though by magic, that seem to hover near each side of the door, flames invisible to the mortal eye. Above the door are similar flames spelling the worlds Wicked Dreams’ The scent of nature invades your senses as you step this exotic wonderland. An elegant, spacious room fills your vision, welcoming you to the main room. The room seems inconspicuous but for the light aquamarine walls which seem to glow and the plethora of exotic plants growing from them. The barman, a rather handsome fire-breather, stands behind a mahogany black marble-topped counter, ready to both serve every form of drink imaginable and toss out any troublemakers. Fine wooden tables covered by a white table-cloth are scattered about the room, tables that change shape and form depending on whom sits there. A team of gorgeous shape-shifters stand ready to serve as waiters, waitresses, and even to fill in as dancers, and behind the scenes gourmet chiefs are ready to prepare delicious entrees. A live band can be seen on the stage, playing otherworldly melodies meant to stimulate the imagination, but be wary for you may find yourself mesmerized. Beyond there is the dance room, here dazzling multi-colored spheres whiz through the air to shed light on the dance floor as the rhythmic sounds of lively music fills the room. Finally, as though this were not enough, there lies yet another room, different from all the others. A room that seems to change at its own will, instantly taking whomever happens to walk into it the world of their dreams or their nightmares, a room for the adventurous. Come to Wicked Dreams, where your dreams become reality’just don’t fall too deeply into the spell of your own desires or you may find yourself lost.