Pub Competition Entry: Demonico’s

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Pub Name: Demonico’s

Proprietor: Demon </strong>

An upscale night spot catering to your every whim. You are allowed entrance with the proper credentials and/or reservations. A gated, winding drive takes you through wooded groves until you arrive at the entrance of the refurbished mansion. A valet parks your car and you enter the Lobby through the shining glass doors. In the lobby you decide where you are going and what you are doing this evening. Dancing? Dining? Or heavy drinking in the pub can all be easily accomplished.

As you enter Demonico’s, the dark rich wood attracts your attention. Mahogany and teak are used to impart visual delight. Torches and small sconces light the halls, held in place by fierce looking carved gargoyles. The plush areas of thick maroon carpeting tempt you to take off your shoes and snuggle your toes in the nap.

Want just a quick snack? Then chose The Pub, a small alcove room that is a great place to meet with friends both new and old after a good night of Holy Warring. A drink or a sandwich, it is your call. Feel free to squeeze in a game of darts or pool as you wish. Feeling shy tonight? Then grab a drink and make your way to The Great Library. Curl up in a huge leather chair in front of the fire with a brandy and a classic book. Satiate your growing appetite in the small more formal Dining Room which offers a varied selection on a set menu that is guaranteed to please.

A large Dance Hall that was once a storeroom in the back of the mansion, is designed for lots of hard dancing. Speakers, fog machines and zippy lights compliment the music cranked out by some of the finest spin jockeys in the city. The gleaming dance floor invites you to shake a leg with your date. The dimly lit Patio beyond the dance area is enticing for a bit of fresh air, a smoke as you wander the graveled walkways or a clandestine meeting with your new paramour.

Speaking of love, decided you just can’t wait to get to know your new love better? Hoof it to the front desk and reserve yourself one of 6 themed bedrooms to romp in. From The Desert of Egypt Room to the Jungle Paradise, you will be pampered and delighted by our staff and your adored one in one of our secluded upstairs rooms. Jacuzzis, water beds, waterfalls, breakfast in bed. The choice is yours. Reserve a room now to give the gift that keeps on giving to your loved one.

Three rules are in place at Demonico’s. All clan troubles are left at the door, everyone is treated with polite courtesy and please do NOT touch the gargoyles on the walls. They have been known to bite.