Introspective Perspective - Cerridwen

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Who is Cerridwen?

I am the lost childer of Lord Sorvin, grandchilder of Will der Bauer, a profoundly unique vampire and one sorely missed. I have always been head strong, a tad reckless, but I am compassionate to a fault. I do not trust many any longer, only a strick few. I’m devoted to those I love and will gladly lay down my unlife for any of them. I have retained my pagan ways since my turning, and have been known to use a spell or two upon occassion.

The Towers burnt, there are rumours the Towers will be rebuilt, are rebuilt. What is going on with the Towers? And what does that mean for you?

Yes the Towers did burn, and after I burnt them to the ground I called upon all those close to me and my childer to follow me to the old Tower and we stayed together there for a long while. Sometime after that I joined the HoH and the Kingdom because the SC was once again attacking me. I then entered the remaining Tower into the Kingdom as well after I was zeroed and the SC and HoH war ended. Since that time, the Tower has split from the Kingdom and I have handed down the Tower to antiwolf, my childer. He is now Lord of the Tower. I have since gone rouge.

What is the Raven Wing Pub? I see it has newly opened its doors to the denizens of this dark city? What is this new place?

After I left the hall of RavenBlack City I wanted to have my own place again. So after many long hours with the construction crews and general contractors I opened the newly refurbished RavenWing Pub. It is exactly that a Pub and I hope that many can come there and enjoy the place.

You’ve had such a colourful past I know there are many interested at having a sneaky peek at what is in store for you. What is in the future for Cerridwen?

Truly… I am not sure. I know that I want to correct some things from my past. Regrets mind you that I feel still color my present. So I will embark upon doing that as soon as I am able. I look forward to the hot steamy nights with my new companion Vlaad, that is for sure. grins And I hope to find a clan again some day.

The Shadowlands, what are they? And what do they mean to you?

While in topor the last time I somehow slipped in to the Shadowlands. It is a dark mysterious place and were the Drow Spider Queen resides at times. While there I met a great wizard who was King. He felt that I being grandchilder of Will der Bauer would be a good choice to replace him. He was angered with the Spider Queen, and seeing as she was not ever fond of Will der Bauer… you can deduce the rest.

He sent me on several trials of course and at the end pronounced me Queen. I am able to use the Shadowlands to my benefit and upon my need. I moved the Tower into the center and she resides there to this day. It is full of wonderful creatures and demons and truly my black heart feels most comfortable there.

They are indeed vast however, and even at times Lucius himself has resided there. Although I am Queen to the Shadowlands, it by far controlls anyone and everything within.

We all have moments in our unlife that are unforgettable. If you were to pick one moment from your past or recent past, which one stands out in stark relief. What effect did this moment have on your unlife that it is so memorable?

The moment I will always regret is a double edged sword. Two men I cared very much for hurt in the same action. One man lost to me forever, but the other… well that remains to be seen as of yet.

I speak of the time long ago when the Capadocian Dynasty fell. The Shadow Court was born and I, still green behind the ears and full of spit fire never listened to my elders.

Capadocious was actively courting me and I cared much for him, we all know the power of his serpant tongue. I was beguiled by him and had stars within my eyes. The choice to me was simple. Follow the Oath I had given in blood to Capadocious.

But what I failed to see was that no matter the Oath, blood is thicker than water. The blood of my old Sire Dirtou and the love of Lucius, my father, my leader of the Ferrymen.

When I left SC for Capadocious, Lucius pleaded with me to reconsider, and when speaking with him in the RBB Hall about this, I called him Father. For he was my Father. I loved him as a daughter would. However, Dirtou my Sire, my beloved sire… He felt betrayed at this and shunned me and cast me aside. Not ever knowing that to me, Sire and Father are not the same. To me Dirktou was my Sire, he was my love, he was my unlife, and I have never loved anyone as deeply as him other than Will der Bauer himself.

To this day I still do, that will never change. He was the one who turned me, who showed me the dark night and all its glory. I’ll never forget that. He is lost, but Lucius is not and I still love him as a Father. One day hopefully, he will forgive my foolish pride, my recklessness and forgive me for ever leaving his side. That I regret most whole heartedly.

If I had stayed still and listened to my elders, my life and many of those in the city would be very much changed. And sometimes I ache to go back and change it. But we all know that is impossilbe…

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NOTE: This interview was conducted by the previous editor while they were still editor here. Cerridwen is no longer a der Bauer, she is now a childer of Lucius.