In Killing Your Own

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The vampire Sabrene, also known as Lyrene, was zeroed yesterday by the Ferrymen. Though it appears that many are stunned by this event, even appearing offended to hear that a clan would kill a vampire in such a manner, it is well known that the Ferrymen consider it common practice to zero a petulant and chronically unmotivated student. As quoted by On-da-g, ~Oracle~ of the Ferryman and an official spokesperson,”Lyrene had been a student for an abnormally long amount of time because she couldn’t seem to keep from running her mouth in the wrong ways at the wrong times…and her little apparent spy turn (whether intentional or just stupidity) for the Nitty was just the end for us…the fact that she got half of it wrong meant it would do little damage, but still…Ferry can’t post clan things to public Newspapers.” The vampiress Cerridwen backed up these same allegations.

The question to ask here is when did it become common practice for an evil clan to have to explain their actions? Even in explanation it appears they are then also expected to back up their claims and add proof. Proof to whom? Who are these self righteous beings that shout foul at every turn of anyone that doesn’t seem to follow their way or ideals? Especially when those shouting the loudest, were not so long ago, purveyors of such behavior and worse. Who gave them the power to decide what is right and wrong? Stating an opinion is one thing, but acting as if it is the “way” of the city appears to many to be extremely arrogant and closed minded. The facts in this case are clear…this student broke a code of honour that almost any clan would hold dear, by submitting confidential information to a public forum without thought or concern for the ramifications of such an act. Yet, does it really matter why Lyrene was zeroed? Do the Ferry really ever need to explain themselves? Does any evil vampire for that matter?

This was once a vampires’ city of evil doings. Where vampires would kidnap and pillage even their own without reprimand. Plucking out their very own eye as well as the eyes of another and molesting not only the unsuspecting, but those of their own blood and bragging about it. We now see these same vampires that reveled in these evil acts, turning their noses up at and pointing their fingers at the smallest inkling of that old behavior and towards those that remain more true to their evil blood. Once it was such a small thing to zero a vampire unjustly. Perhaps even an act that would be applauded by most, yet such common practice it, it mostly went unheralded, for it was the violent, sexually explicit and graphic acts that these once evil vampires applauded and would talk about.

Today, a simple zeroing for an act that is clearly a breach of behavior for any clan, can produce an onslaught of whining and complaining and questions of why? Why could someone commit such an evil task? WHY? The clan in question, even being mocked for the action. It is also important to note that such actions are usually only pointed out publicly by enemies of said clan and printed as fact, instead of rhetoric and slanted opinion. The facts are simple, as are the questions in this case.

In summation we must ask… where have the truly evil vampires gone? Has this city simply become a proprietary mecca for human based emotions, politically correct actions and PG 13 events? Is this watered down “Mother Goose” of a city, an indication of what is more to come? All vampires must keep their language to PG 13 and never even appear to abdicate torture, violence or any such act considered unjust in the human world. Everyone must answer to the moral majority as to why they didn’t live up to their limited and close minded expectations? Where does this end? Must we all become vegan, sing love and peace mantras and learn to soak up the sun in harmony? It is a sincere question…where do we go from here?



It is not so much “PG-13” as the fact in time, you come to appreciate humanity. Not everyone sees as I see in that humanity should be kept at all costs, but it seems to be more common then it was. Not every vampire is evil, infact, many are not so. Why is this? Those of us who were humans in centuries past can easily dismiss feelings, but those sired in the present still cling to humanity. And why shouldn’t they? Why should we be vile creatures? Inherently evil? Maybe. But why must be kill for pleasure? That makes us barbaric.

The world is not an endlesss supply of blood. We should take care not to spill it so freely. Because on that last day when there is one last human… the real blood will be spilled over a fight in who gets the human, and then we will all starve afterwards.



The article does not mean to imply that all vampires are evil. It is asking why, the vampires that CLAIM to be evil and do so often verbally revel in this evilness, seem to judge others by different standards than themselves. They often seem easily offended by the even remotest of evil acts committed by others. It does not appear to be very true to the evil nature they so vehemently claim to bare, when the smallest of crimes can so easily cause such virulent and verbal outrage from them.


So… it seems suddenly a lot of people is wondering, in light of events happening in the city in the last months, “What is evil?” Maybe in the past, I proudly waved the banner “I’m Evil”, agaisnt the “Good” ones… Nowadays, I just say “Bah!” Yeah, a big Bah. First, because with time many have realized that, more or less, sooner or later, lighter or heavier, we all are evil. We’re vampires, and it’s in our nature. Be it power, blood, coins, lust, whatever you want to call the force that moves you, it comes a time when we don’t care about “collateral damage” and we do what we have to do to reach our goal, whoever falls in the process. Then, also, all of us, there’s no exception, have a kind side. Even the most self-proclaimed evil, vile, uncaring, bastard, selfish vampire will care for someone sometime. Be it Childer, Sire, Companion, Sibling, Students, or whatever.
So, individually, we all are good and evil, at different moments, or not, in different forms, or not, at different levels, or not. I laugh my ass of at anyone claiming they’re only good, or only evil… And, since our individual actions reflect on our groupal ones… What’s an Evil Clan? What’s a Good Clan? Does any of the self proclaimed “Evil Clans” not care for their members, for example? Well then sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s good, not evil laughs And has any of the self proclaimed “Good Clans” (is there any out there currently?) ever offered their other cheek? No? Then BLAH! Neutral, and Chaotic. More Labels. Laughable labels. Struggling for power or willing to be left alone does not prove shit… And as many say that Cap needing to declare “I’m the Prince of RB City, I rule, I’m the power” means he really has nothing, ‘cos real power does not need to be declared nor voiced, then the same goes for all those who go out in the streets shouting “I’m …..” (complete at your leisure, it could be good, evil, neutral, chaotic, sexy, shy, honest, honourable, the fastest, the best thief, the best kisser, your idol, your nemesis, etc.) They are… not. Anything you are, just be it, don’t speak it.

So, at all those who have a stamp on their foreheads with their (Clans) alignment… I just laugh. I laugh the Hell out at you…


… we will still drink Blood. The Blood of our kindred. Don’t we do that now? Why wouldn’t we in real times of need?


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