Shallow in Love…

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The other day I spoke with a vampiress. We exchanged pleasantries and then I asked her how her companion was doing. Her reply? ‘Oh, we’re not together anymore’I love so and so now.’ Oookay. Now, I had just spoken to this same vampiress just a few days prior and she was so deep in love and would be with her companion forever. Now, just a few short days later, she was still so deep in love, but with another. To top it off, I was informed by the same vampiress that I am waiting too long to bind to my own fiancé and urged me vehemently to hurry the process along.

I’m sure I’m going to echo the sentiments of many a vampire when I make my next statement, but what the hell? Seriously. Is the city coming to a place where the word love is tossed about like a frisbee? What about commitment? What about loyalty? And since when did love become a competition? Why do some feel the need to broadcast their relationships to the masses? Since when did having multiple partners lined up to run through the revolving door mean you were desirable?

Love can be tough, but it’s not overly complicated. True love doesn’t need to be broadcasted. True love makes you stronger because it makes you a better vampire inside, not because your partner’s name makes yours look better. There are no contingencies in love, and in my opinion, some of the ones tossing the word around have no clue what it even is.

There are some vampires that understand and embrace this phenomenon and treat it for what it is. For example, look at vampires like Heimdag and Shikon, Hesu and Sade, or CBK and Creide. Stick your ear out and listen. What do you hear??? Nothing. Their dramas aren’t broadcasted to the masses yet everyone knows that their affections for the other are unwavering.

Some vampires don’t understand that although the love between a pair should be the most important thing, one or both of the partners shouldn’t have to give everything else up to have it. It’s not a competition and it really shouldn’t be overdramatic. Having more than one partner lined up doesn’t make you more desirable and it sure as hell doesn’t make you attractive. It makes you a slut. And if you’re accepting gifts from all of them, it makes you a whore.

And to the over opinionated mystery vampiress that thinks I’m waiting too long to bind? Pfffft. You’ve had 4 different companions in the same time span that I’ve been engaged, which for those of you counting, is one month. I have forever. Apparently, you don’t. Stop being a slut and try proving me wrong.

Until next time, I tell the truth, so you don’t have to…not that you planned on it, anyway…




it seems vampires show a sadly disgusting lack of the true conceprt of love, faith and committment

we are worse than mortals on this matter

yet so many of us love to brag that we are better, superrior than mortals?

if we are then lets stop debaseing ourselves lower than the mortals ever could.

just my thoughts on it.. its one thing if you have a valid reason to end a relationship, but to change partners mor often than some change their clothes….. pathetic really…

~ Gena Windstarr ~

Lord BubbleKnight

Right to the point. People in this city seem to bind and sever like if they were changing their undies (some even more frequently, I believe). They just feel horny, jump to bed, then say “let’s get bound” and a few days later you see them holding hands… with someone else.

I don’t know… In my not-so-humble oppinion, citizens had lost the concept of companionship: the time in which you get to know each other, you get to understand your companion, to see if they are what you’re looking for in order to share with them your eternal unlive. People now just come and bind. I say, if one wants to sarisfy his or her desire with the entire city, well, be my guest, no one says it’s not as valid as a point if you or me or whoever would like to bed half RavenBlack City. But please, come on, don’t call that love. That’s too big and too sacred a word to be used like that.

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I have to agree with your wise words Seyda and also with those preceding my comments. It does seem that this city is full of throwaway relationships. “I love you ETERNALLY, forever, i cant bear to be without you…or at least until the next new moon”

From one who came to this city without ever looking for companionship, i was blindsided and by that bloody thing called love. L-O-V-E smiles such a small word. Such a big feeling.

So many abuse that term and its used so, well i cant find a better word but, “Loosely”….

The word Love should come sidelined with respect and friendship for one another.

Things lost in the disposable RBCity bindings of “until undeath us do part…or i find someone more interesting 5 days later. Sad if you ask me. When the wind changes direction, you sever and re-bind before the leaf even has a chance to hit the pavement? shakes her head

For me, its a nice balmy breeze and i am more than happy to share my eternal unlife with him.

content, ladylilith ~Maphs~


My courtship with my partner-bound took almost two years. Granted we had other things going on in that time, (her husband had taken to the shadows and we weren’t sure if it would be permanent or not at) but, I’m glad we waited and took the time to really know each other. The day she finally accepted my proposal and the day of our binding will be forever etched in my mind. I honestly can’t see jumping from her arms to another anytime in the forseeable future. Nor do I want to jump from her arms…I’m quite happy there.

I can’t see how anyone wants to jump from partner-bound to partner-bound multiple times in the space of a month, two months or even a bit longer. You’re just wasting your hard earned coin if the relationship really doesn’t mean anything to you anyway, especially if it’s that disposable to you anyway.

There’s nothing wrong with taking your time…or staying with one partner. ;)

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Vermathrax rex

I totally agree. As in the case with my own passion and myself. Its declared in the siggy. What more is needed to be know? I can say that in November we will have been bound for one year officially. And in this town-that is like, what? 50 human years compared to the 1 to 3 month normal lenght of bindings?

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what more can be said?