Ass Zeroed

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Yorgie was roasted yesterday, by Lucius loyalists and the crossbow of a deadly accurate hunter… Word on the street is that it has something to do with the Donkey of the Gyllie bloodlines’ impertinent displacing of Lucius from his very own home.

Apparently the Donkey was displaced from the binding hall by Lucius, in order to make room for a Siring party, when complaints were made about the incessant braying.

In turn, the mindless ass went all the way out if its way in order to displace Lucius from his home. In a retaliatory response Damari went after the problematic beast and HWd him. After Cerridwen came in with a shot of garlic spray, one of the city’s hunters took over, beginning a series of attacks that left his burned and rotting corpse laying in the street and empty of blood.

Word has it that Pollux was pretty upset to miss out on the BBQ, having planned such an event only a few months prior. Ironically, at the time it was Lucius that thwarted the BBQ Yorgie project in his concern for Jauk. Funny how that turned out.

Now, the big question is…was the hunter paid for by Lucius himself or was it a freelance attack? You be the judge.

We wish Yorgie a good rest.



With all due respect to the ..errm…Editor…me thinks the Editor might want to print a retraction and perhaps do a bit more research next time.

Yorgie was holy watered once by Damari, and GS’d once by Cerridwen before being displaced. He then proceeded to chase a hunter down and lost all of his blood via that, not via umm Lucius loyalists. Thank you for your time.


ophelia Lokason af Gyllenstierna NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil


I’ve heard Lucius had many loyalists among the hunters… Ass hunters especially. :P I also wish Pollux better luck next time.



This clarifies many things, since no one seemed to know who zeroed the Ass in the end (pun intended). Your knowledgeable answer clears up that mystery, thank you.

I shall ammend the story immediately, so as not to further humiliate the donkey.

Myself and the Grimoire apologize to Yorgie.