Loss to Ferry a Gain for HoH

1 minute read

Annabelle of Ferryman fame has joined HoH.

The notoriously over publicized mess with Spookies childer Grex and the subsequent zeroing of him, alientated one of The Ferrys most beloved leaders, Annabelle… causing her to denounce her connections with the forever tumultuous Ferrymen and stand by her companion Grex’s side. To the city, The Ferry appear to always act out of impulse, leaving damage not only to the ones they attack, but their interior and image as well.

Not long after she discarded the Ferryman title, Annabelle severed her ties with the companion she only moments before had declared her undying love for and had abandoned her roost at the Ferry in care of.

Rumours abound as to the details, yet nothing has been substantiated beyond the cities standing opinion that it was perhaps careless of the Ferry to act so abruptly, causing them to lose one of their very own, over something that may have been handled more delicately. Yet opinion does not make up the news. So the facts are now clear. Annabelle has Pandrora as her Sire, she is companionless and has now vowed her loyalty to HoH once again, who is apparently now growing at the speed of light