Shops, Shops, Where are the Shops? An Interview with Jennison By Seyda

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Seyda: puts on reporter hat

Seyda: and sunglasses to hide that it’s Seyda

Seyda: Okay, first, could you give a brief recap of the situation for those who are not familiar?

Jennison: clears throat… well it all started a few weeks ago when one of my employees, Drinkingjen, was robbed of 6k while trying to transfer to one of Ravyne Ramirez’s employees, minion10. I posted a simple note in several public halls asking that the funds be returned, since the money goes to benefit the entire city. On one hall in particular me and the rest of the hunters got jumped all over. For that reason, we felt that our efforts were not appreciate there. Since then several have stolen the information that we work hard to provide, even after several requests to stop. Tejas in particular, chose to ignore the “nice” email I sent to her requesting that she stop. After the blatant disrespect shown by Tejas, myself and the rest of the hunters decided that unfortunately few appreciate our efforts and therefore we will continue to hunt, however, be like the majority of the clans and keep our information to ourselves. I have never personally met Tejas or have had any run ins with her in the city. There was no reason for her to behave the way she did.

Seyda: It has been claimed that you have received 150,000 coins from members of the Hall you discontinued service at. Where did this money go?

Jennison: Honestly I do not know the amount of money received in donations. I forwarded everyone to Ravyne Ramirez since she was the one in need of the coins. I do not know the amount of money received and would have no idea how Tejas would know that information since none of it came from her. There was one donation made to myself in the amount of 40K, 30 of it went to other shop hunters. I believe that the figure of 150k is completely inaccurate.

Seyda: Jennison, there have been some strong statements made by various members of the city including Lady Tejas, Lady What The from The Inner Circle, and Seyda from the Republic of Ravenblack. What are your thoughts on their comments, and do you think this situation is getting more attention than it actually deserves?

Jennison: I definately feel that this situation is getting way more attention than it deserves. Myself and the other hunters appreciate the support that we have seen from Lady What The, Sedya and other various vampires. We (the hunters) feel that Lady Tejas was completely out of line in her statements and felt it necessary to defend ourselfs. If she had stopped when asked, none of this would be happening.

Seyda: The question has been asked as to who will miss out more as a result of this situation, the city or the hunters themselves. Thoughts?

Jennison: Unfortunately the city will be at a loss because of this situation. We (the hunters) have done this for a long time, not for recognition or staus in the city, but to help the city. We felt we were doing a good thing. It actually pains me that it had to come to this. I remember being new and not knowing anything. I feel bad for the members of the city that will no longer receive the information.

Seyda: Any final thoughts before this topic gets laid to rest?

Jennison: I truely hope that this situation can be resolved soon. We dont ask much, but would like it respected when we do. We would like to go back to providing information for the city as soon as possible.

Seyda: Well, it’s very nice to hear that. Thank you, Jennison, for your time, and please know the work that you’ve done has been appreciated by many.

Jenn Former: Thank you


Alex Wolfe

OK what can we do to bring back the shops I feel there must be something. God damn can someone please fix this.


Well, we could make it a subscription service.


Hi Madeye, when did you get back to the city? waves

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My dear, technically I am not back in the city, as I am writing this from the poolside in sunny L.A, a margharita in one hand and a bikini clad goddess in the other. But, to answer the spirit of your question, occasionally business opportunities present themselves in Ravenblack. I will confess I’ve been inolved in one or two little sidelines in the last six months.


Gosh, and all this time I thought Dead and Buried meant something else. It’s really just some great club in sunny L.A.! Holy cow! I guess it’s true what I was really did go to a ‘better place’. snickers

Jauk Lokason Ladywulfe’s Blood Sister –> Yggdrasil