From Queen to Wife to Princess - An Interview with persephone by Seyda

3 minute read

It’s been a busy couple of months for the vampire persephone. First, she was catapulted into the spotlight as the Queen of the Warriors of Eternity a day prior to her pending nuptials to Alex Wolfe. Then in a flash, she handed the WoE crown back to its former holder and promptly left with her brother, Aries. As several others followed suit, the siblings joined together to create a new home for their kin. Please read as persephone sits down with The Republic’s Seyda for a candid interview about her departure from WoE, her hopes for her new clan, and casts aside a few rumors.

Seyda: My first question is…I’ve never seen such an amicable split in the time that I have been in the city….if everyone is still so friendly with one another, why the split?

persephone: Well MsE and I have different views on many things. We are still family. She is still my mum. The split is allowing those of us who saw things in a different light than she, and those who remained with her, see things the ability to remain close to one another yet follow their own hearts. By splitting we ended that underlying problem of the two leaders seeing things differently. And we can remain friends, and family not hurting one another or feeling suppressed. I hope that makes sense…lol

Seyda: Perfect sense. The Grimoire broke the story about your new clan last night. Are you the sole leader of this new clan and what is the group’s mission?

persephone: I am Princess persephone of The Angels of Darkness, I will in effect be leading the family. Aries will be leading as well, but we will be governed mostly by clanwide council.

Seyda: So another democratic clan has hit the streets of RavenBlack?

persephone: Yes Seyda. Why have a dictatorship when there are so many with great ideas such wonderful minds should not be put to waste

Seyda: Fair enough. Will the AoD be open solely to members of your bloodline, or will you be actively recruiting new members?

persephone: We will not solely open to members of our bloodline. Actively recruiting members? On some level yes, on another no. We don’t want anyone we can’t trust, or anyone who does not value integrity. Vampires are only as good as their word in my opinion.

Seyda: Indeed. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Moving on, rumor has it there are several snippets of conversation floating around the city claiming that you left WoE in order to attack specific members of the Ferrymen. What are your thoughts on this topic?

persephone: laughs hysterically Why would I leave my family for the sole reason to attack those who aren’t worth my time? That is false, I assure you. I would like to know who has started such rumors.

Seyda: So, I take it dueling is not on your to do list this week?

persephone: Nope. Doesn’t even make the top 100

Seyda: Is there any connection between your new clan, Angels of Darkness, and the Devils of Darkness run by Crazyinblack? The names are eerily similar…

persephone: No, though Crazy is a dear friend of mine. I believe Crazy’s clan is better known as The Dominion though.

Seyda: So, what will AoD’s official designation? Are we looking at another Good clan in our midst?

persephone: Our official designation is yet to be determined. We don’t plan on following the norm. You should know that knowing me Seyda.

Seyda: chuckles Indeed I do. Well, I’ve come to the end of my list of questions, so is there anything that I didn’t cover that you would like for the city to know?

persephone: I would like to request that if they do hear rumors concerning us to come to me and ask directly. I’m a very approachable vampiress, and I’d much rather be asked the same question a dozen times than to have falsities running rampant like disease.

Seyda: Well, that’s certainly not too much to ask. persephone, thank you for your time, congratulations on your recent binding, and good luck with your new venture.

persephone: Thanks, have a wonderful time