Pub Competition Entry: Merovingian Club & Pub

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Establishment Name: Merovingian Club & Pub

Proprietor: Unknown

Sitting in a pristine valley is a rather large building made of rough hewn sand and fieldstone. It is four stories high with round turrets at every corner and wrought iron balconies whose center points bear the entwined initials G&S on each floor connecting the turrets.

The roughhewn steps are cut into the slope of a hill which the building sits upon. At the top a long walkway leads to the imposing front doors engraved with the same insignia as the balcony. In the center of the pathway is a life size statue of Gevurah and Starr entwined in a loving embrace and around this a lovely fountain sends crystalline waters shooting up to adorn the statue like droplets of dew.

Behind this imposing edifice is a lake which shimmers in the moonlight and reflects the snowcapped mountain peaks behind it. A stand of trees proving the forest is not far off either stands to the east along with a large stable for horses and carriages.

The walls of the building are covered by hundreds of years of ivy and rose vines growth giving the building a warmth and charm unusual in such a large estate. Above the large double doors is a coat of arms with the words “Merovingian Club & Pub” written on it.

On the first floor is a restaurant and bar. As you walk into the Merovingian Club & Pub the first thing you will notice is our breathtaking, double sided, sandstone fireplace in the center of the room and the sign adorning the front door “Don’t Drink and Teleport” .

The Pub & Restaurant has a romantically rustic atmosphere to it. It is dimly lit by it’s custom made antler ring chandeliers and the roaring fire from the great fireplace. The walls are mahogany paneling decorated with paintings of Lycan hunts framed in baroque style gold frames.

To your right is the lengthy mahogany bar with it’s matching high backed barstools. In front of the bar side of the fireplace is a great Lycanskin rug with a large forest green suede sofa facing the fire and matching chairs on each side. Small mahogany tables with matching chairs fill the rest of the bar area with lantern center pieces. Hanging on the wall there are the heads of enemies past, whom the Clan Capadocious has obtained. The Capadocious Clan has loaned them to the Club as the first of a series of displays.

The second floor holds a dance club. The dance floor area features oak hardwood floors, track lights with a dimmer for the right mood,. There is a vintage juke box for the elders who dance. There is also a DJ with all the new music for the young. There are crystal candle holders on all the tables in case a party wants candle light instead of electric light. The ceiling has the old stamped tin on it brass colored with a fleur de lis pattern edged with a scalloped design. Tables and quiet conversation nooks with comfortable overstuffed chairs and sofas are dotted around the edges of the room when one wants a respite from dancing. There is a small bar to quench the thirsts of the dancers.

The third floor is a stage and entertainment venue. As you walk in to the 3rd Entertainment floor and there is a podium for a hostess/host who will seat you and make sure your needs are met. As you look to the left along the wall is a large hand carved mahogany bar. As you look all the way across the room to the left there is a stage where live entertainment will take place most nights. The cream of the crop of all styles of music play here. To the right there is a DJ booth for the nights when we do not have live entertainment. There are 4 cages one in each corner of the room with humans inside who dance or are otherwise used for entertainment purposes. There are round tables and seats twenty deep surrounding the dance floor for those who prefer to sit and watch the spectacle rather than jumping into the fray.

The fourth floor is filled with torpor rooms. The long lushly carpeted hallway has doors leading off both sides reserved for both family and friends. Each room capturing the essence of a member of the family.

The first room to the right is reserved for Aunt Druscilla and the door opens on burgundy carpet with a large four post bed made to resemble the most darkly lush coffin which is outfitted with black silk sheets. A candle chandelier that hangs from the low ceiling gives off a warm glowing light. Next to the bed on either side and inset into the mahogany paneled walls are niches to hold personal items and a small lamp to read by should you wish. There is a large walk in closet and dressing room leading to a large attached bathroom outfitted with a large claw footed tub, beautiful sink basin and Victorian looking commode. The large ledge next to the wall side of the tub allows for an assortment of beautiful candles and bottles of bath oils and bubbles in finely decorated bottles.

The first room to your left is that of Gevurah the Patriarch of the Merovingian Dynasty, betrothed to Starr, the soon to be Matriarch of this bloodline, who is in the Capadocian Clan. This room can only be described as gothic luxury. A king size wrought iron four poster canopy bed, with black see through linens draped nicely around it. Wrought iron candle sconces and standing candle holders adorn the surfaces. Red velvet wallpaper mixed with natural looking stone in places for effect, bring out the ominous looking statues and gargoyles placed about the room. A built in bookshelf rests in one wall and a marble fireplace with wrought iron hardware sits in the other. There is a private balcony with a view overlooking a wooded valley with a beautiful lake down below and snow capped mountains off in the distance.

The second room on the right is that of Calisto one of the beloved daughters of Starr. Dominating the room is a 4 poster oak bed with roses and vines carved into the wood. A thick fluffy mattress, with blood red satin sheets and comforter, oak dresser and armoire and nightstands that match the bed, marble floor, gray and white with soft chenille rugs in a gorgeous shade of blood red. Through the walk in closet and dressing area is an old style claw footed bathtub and toilet and sink that match, the walls in the bath are painted gold and has a white tile floor. In one wall of the large bathroom is a raised tile area with a drain that almost looks like a shower area but with hooks set into the ceiling and wall and chains hanging from them. Next to which is an armoire that opens to show many implements of torturous fun. Whips, flails, and many other accoutrements for the vampire who never tires of playing with her food.

The second room on the left belongs to Marcella another of Starr’s beloved daughters it is Asian in style with an Asian inspired sleigh bed with red velvety smooth satin sheets and black satin comforter with red roses sewn into it by hand. The walls are red velvet with black roses and red roses all over the walls and ceiling like vines. Some Asian masks hanging on vines and fans on the walls. There is a black room divider with Asian flowers near the bed to afford privacy while dressing. There are some iron holders to hold candles with special smell of erotic roses. There is an armoire with her vast wardrobe in it. As well as an Asian style dresser with her favorite accessories hanging on the top. There is a beautiful round mirror which reflects all the beautiful trinkets and the bonsai plants sitting on the dresser.

The third door on the right belongs to Mystic yet another daughter and this door opens to a plush deep-purple bedroom. Inside, the king-sized coffin is the center of attention with plush velvet covers made of royal plum. It is upon a raised pedestal with curved steps leading to it for easy access. On the right of the coffin is a wine refrigerator with a carved teak table on top. Setting on the table is a bottle of blood wine and two goblets. On the left is a wide arched window with shimmering drapes overlooking a small lake wooded behind it. Across from the coffin is the dressing station. There is a four paneled dressing screen with gothic artwork showing from the doorway. On the other side, beware. A mirrored dresser with hidden doors on the side open to the delight of the vamp owner to hang and enjoy. Black chenille throw rugs are scattered elegantly throughout the hardwood floor. The walls are lined with a sheer black tapestry that gives a feeling of mystery to the room. Protruding from conspicuous areas are wall sconces to dimly light the room. There are votive candles on the dresser to brighten up the areas as needed.

The third door to the left opens to reveal one of Starr’s older daughters rooms, Morrigann ‘s room. Upon opening the heavily carved mahogany door the first thing you see is a massive mahogany four poster bed hung with blood red draperies held back with vines of roses. The bed is dressed in a black and red velvet raised Victorian looking fleur de lis pattern. There are dozens of beautiful throw pillows and neck rolls that decorate the bed. Under the down coverlet are black silk sheets. Next to the bed on either side are black marble topped nightstands holding elaborate silver candelabra with black and red candles set into them. Across the way you see a hand carved mahogany dressing table with lovely decanters of various oils and potions, a tray with fragrances and toiletries sits on the table. A hand painted Victorian screen stands in front of the dressing table so that one might change in privacy and the seat looks more like a throne than a dressing table bench. Beyond this is a large walk in closet leading to the large bathroom tiled entirely in black marble with a large black marble claw foot tub with a surrounding ledge holding all manner of soaps and oils and perfumes in beautiful cut crystal decanters.

A Victorian mahogany chaise lounge in the same fabric as the coverlet sits in the corner of the room a tall candelabra and small bookcase sit near it. There is also a fireplace and a set of matching wing backed chairs where you might sit and converse with a round table between them with a decanter of vintage blood wine and cut crystal glasses on a tray.

The fourth room on the right is Genevive’s another of Starr’s daughters. The door opens onto glistening white walls painted to look like marble. An elegant, king sized, white, 4 poster bed sits in the center of the room the posts look like roman columns. Sheer scarlet colored fabric is draped across the top of the columns. The bed is covered by a scarlet satin comforter with matching over stuffed pillows. The room is decorated with statues of the roman Gods and Godesses. Labitina, the goddess of corpses and the funeral, being the dominant figure. A huge roman tub sits in the west corner of the room. The wall closest to the tub is lines with marble shelves which are adorned with bottles of soaps and bath oils. The room is dimly lit by beeswax pillar candles in sets of three, on roman pedestals set on each side of the bed, tub, and doorway.

The fourth room on the left is that of Sarah, Starr’s eldest daughter. As you walk into the room. In front of the door is white marble. The rest of the room has thick velvety soft midnight black carpet. On the center of the ceiling is a chandelier with black lights. The left wall and the back wall with a beautiful balcony is black. The ceiling is a swirl of black and white. On the immediate right is a black ebony bookcase. On the immediate left is a beautifully crafted white wardrobe. Next to the wardrobe is a door that leads to a bathroom. In the center of the room is an ebony, four poster bed with beautiful acorn finials atop stately posts laurels of leaves are carved twining around the posts and spilling onto the graceful arches of the head and footboard of the bed. The bed is dressed with black silk sheets and pillows and a comforter of black silk and goose down.

At the end of the hall is a room reserved for Starr’s Parents, Mr. Brutus and Nurse Vampire. This room contains a large mahogany bed hand carved by ancient artisans and was imported from Venice. The bed linens are of the finest silk and are as dark and inky black as a moonless night. The bed is covered with painstakingly handcrafted pillows and two mahogany and black marble nightstands stand to either side of the room both of which hold a few trinkets and a cut crystal bowl filled with blood red roses. The bed is draped in dark scarlet draperies for privacy and the draperies are held back with night blooming orchid vines. The walk in closet has a dressing area and leads to another huge beautifully appointed bathroom made for two. The balcony of this room leads off of the bath so that one can bathe while listening to the sounds of the night.

Just opposite that last room is a rather large room with a black marble floor with drains hidden inconspicuously in the corners and the walls are covered in all manner of torture device both modern and ancient. The drains filter down to the basement into kegs where it is aged and distilled into the house blood wine. There are hooks hanging from the ceiling and all manner of restraints and benches to tie or chain a toy to.

The roof is a romantic rooftop retreat. A blissfully romantic setting awaits you on the rooftop of Merovingian. When you first walk out to the roof the view is spectacular. The mountains are in the distance and the white caps can be seen clearly reflecting in the pale moonlight. There is soft music playing and a little tiki bar set up in the corner near the roof entrance. Around the perimeter, there are white faery lights strung. There are large leaf plants in every corner. A small dance floor in the center of the room is surrounded by bar stools and bar tables. The bar tables have a table top tiki torch in the center of each one.

The whispers of the night can be heard and night fragrances drift across the lovers. Romance is in the air on this floor. The balconies and turrets overlook the valley below with it’s beautiful forest and lake to soothe your senses and give you perfect peace and tranquility.

From the roof you can access any of the four turrets which house an award winning spa with professional massage therapists, Estheticians, and an award winning boutique with personal shoppers. There are blood baths where you can pamper your skin, a blood sauna and several hot tubs and aromatherapy baths to soothe your senses.

Submitted by Starreagle’s Family of the Capadocian Clan in Honour of the Engagement of Starr & Gevurah


Matt Black

While it is permissible to have any manner of private rooms in your pub, the entries will be judged on those areas that are open to the public. Also, if an entry is too closely identified with a particular clan or bloodline, it may be disqualified on the grounds that it is not open to all.

That said, good effort!