Pub Competition Entry: Technoir

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Establishment Name: Technoir

Proprietor: Alba Regulus

TECHNOIR: A new age in Ravenblack clubbing.

It’s seven PM by the time you reach the front door, barely dark outside. You stand in front of a building on any street in Ravenblack city, yet this one is slightly different. In huge Purple Neon Letters, above the gate-like door, it reads “Technoir” You enter, as a vampire, not knowing what you will see. You walk down a pale hallway, with huge guards eyeing you fiercely. They proceed to explain that this is a safe haven, and search you for weapons. The loud boom of the bass can be heard even from the street, it gets louder and louder as you reach a gated door at the end of the hallway. “Welcome to Technoir.” a beautifull mortal woman says to you, opening the door and revealing the club and all it’s glory.

It’s dark, and all you can see is a huge bar, decorated with purple neon. Mortal women and men grind agianst eachother, suspended in mid air by dancing-cages. You walk across the room to the massive purple bar. The mortal bartender is a complete seductress, she eyes you carefully as you order a drink and pour it out; although she does not notice this. You turn and see the stage, where you se two things. a huge purple spotlight over a DJ, clad in a fishnet shirt and tight pants. He skillfully spins a hard-dance techno song, his obviously preternatural hands swiftly moving over the turntable. You traverse the dance floor and decide to walk into the secondary room. As you pass through the hallway, an exquisite waitress passes you buy, your thirst nearly gets the best of you. The plump, decadent veins nearly protude from her neck, taunting you. You regain your composure and come to the conclusion that Technoir houses the most beautifull mortal staff in all of Ravenblack city.

As you walk out into the second room, some unknown industrial rock band plays on stage, you notice the small dancefloor with purple light-up tiling, something a 70’s disco might have. You walk onto the dance floor and entice a mortal woman, you dance with her, the room smoky and dark, barely illuminated by the stage and purple floor lights. As you grind hips with her, she shows you her VIP card and asks you to come with her. She leads you happly towards another hallway, and takes you up some stairs. She says that her ears are still ringing and she can barely see anything, but a well dressed vampire approaches you and instructs you that you’re “free” to do what you want in the VIP backroom. You smile and follow the mortal up the the backround, moans and screams can be heard behind the sea of purple painted closed doors. She finds the only door (out of something like fifty) that doesen’t harbor a “Do not Disturb” sign. You move in on her as the door closes, and well, Let’s leave it at this: “You had a good meal.” The well dressed vampire from before smiles at you and instructs someone to clean out the backrooms, as you realize it is nearly 4:30 in the morning. You swiftly move out of the near-empty club and move back towards your home, smiling at yourself. That’s definatly a place you’ll refer to your ‘friends.’

Technoir. Dark, sensual, brutally vampiric.