Pub Competition Entry: The Tyger’s Den

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Pub Name: The Tyger’s Den

Proprietor: TygerNight

The main room would have to be large, with chairs and tables of ironwood, which might stand up to rowdy patrons a little better; plenty of room between these table so the barmaids can deliver drinks and food. Yes, food. A small kitchen is a must. Burgers and such, made of high quality human meat should be available at all times. Human steaks and ribs, goblets of fresh blood, whatever the hungry and thirsty pyre could want.

The basement shall hold not a bordello, but ranks of cages from which fresh meat may be selected if desired. 2 or 3 employees shall scour the city at all times for the leanest, most delicious humans to place in these cages. The back room shall be for those who wish to dance; a parquee dance floor with a live band, and small tables for couples will line the walls, so they may drink and eat between dancing. Soft, muted lighting in this room is a must for those who like to dance ‘close’.

The main room will have a large flatscreen tv on the wall, to keep interested pyres abreast of the news of the city, as will there be a small selection of newspapers for perusing whilst eating. Bouncers are a must; no one wants to have their dinner thrown across the room by a drunk and angry pyre. For these patrons, another small room shall be set off of the main one, with a fine selection of weapons for releasing their animosity toward one another. Bets may be placed on the victor.

Upstairs shall be the inn portion, with large, well-appointed rooms for long stays, and a number of small, sparse rooms for those ‘quickies’ many pyres enjoy. There shall be a third floor for my wife and myself, as a sort of third home, with a large bedroom, livingroom, and 2 smaller bedrooms, in addition to a private bath. Speaking of which, there shall be well-appointed restrooms, each with small enclosed showers for those pyres coming in from a night of killing hunters, or emerging from the fight room bloodied. A clean pyre is a happy pyre.