Club review - Debauchery at its finest

1 minute read

I’m going to let you all in on a secret. As you know Ravenblack’s City is a cesspool of debauchery and lust. It is a vampire’s smorgasbord, with every type of evening’s entertainment and an endless supply of humans to feed upon.

The city of teeming with all types of establishments, from high-end social clubs to whore-laden dives along the docks. The Clans of the city have been responsible for the creation of most of the higher-end nightclubs, but where can respectable Vampires go to get away from the politics of the clans?

I know of such a place. It is a mixture of richness and risqué, where the alcohol is sweet and the bartenders are sweeter. Clan affiliations are checked at the door and do not exist within. It even has an onsite tattooist/piercer, unusual fur rugs, and lavish surroundings, including private suites upstairs.

The entrance is unobtrusive, the large stone building jutting up like so many others in our architecturally well-endowed city, though there is no sign announcing its presence. All patrons must apply for membership and be approved by the owner of the establishment, Mistress Iniquity. Once approved, you will be provided with directions.

Upon opening the massive front door, you will be greeted by an intoxicating and pleasurable mix of scents and sights. The floor is wall to wall plush red with an unusual mix of animal furs lying about, as if inviting you to lie upon them. The walls are cloaked in miles and miles of plush red velvet, leading across the room to the roaring fireplace. A huge mahogany bar, accented richly with gold inlay, runs the length of the room after you descend from the entryway. Opposite this are two matching white marble staircases, leading upstairs to the private suites, again richly accented in red velvet.

The smell of Egyptian incense and frankincense swirl about, colliding with warm cognac and the richest blood in town. The jukebox plays a wide array of tunes, and seems to change melodies whenever the head bartender gives it a certain look.

So come and enjoy. Have a drink, mingle and chat, lose yourself in one of those wonderful furs, or get your’‘well, you can decide where you want your piercing.

And best of all, what happens in the Iniquity’s Den, stays in the Iniquity’s Den.