DOA Attacked

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The new clan Demons, Outlaws and Angels aka DOA were attacked this evening, by what the annonymous contact called “a few ruffians” claiming that if the DOA called a cease fire on Moirai then they too would stand down.

To quote, one of the vampires stated to their victim “This is a request Stop attacking Moiari he will stop attacking you and thus we will stop A cease fire will be negoiated one way or another If it takes more death then so be it . “.

In speaking to a the annonymous contact about DOA, he stated that two of the vampires that attacked them had ID bracelets that matched… indicating foul play and already being reported to the great creator ravenblack… we will see what comes of it.

Word on the street is that more attacks are on the way. Members of the DOA, seem far from concerned… only time will tell the outcome.



Funny, I had 4 of DOA clansmen that shared 2 ID bracelets, too. Gevurah and starreagle, and The Dread Lord and Laurelgwynn. Records have been taken. As to these mysterious benefactors..They are their own entity. -Moirai


While I cannot speak for Laurelgwynn and Dread Lord, I can speak for Starr and myself.

The humans behind Starreagle and Gevurah live in the same house and on the same router using two seperate computers. Raven Black is aware of this. We will not attack anyone while on the same network because our codes come up the same which makes it look like we are one person using a thrall. I have been in the city for over two years and Starr has been in the city just under a year. Thanks to the ever vigilant and thorough Moirai…we must use a laptop and one of us will attack from a different network. While this is an inconvenience, it will not deter us from our duty as valiant, honorable warriors.

                             ~ Gevurah ~
                               Hells Angel


I know you’re using IP changers too. It’s STILL cheating.



I asked RavenBlack about it. It doesn’t matter what they do, he can still tell. Different IDs mean nothing to him. :)

Jauk Tel’duin Kreacher’s Pet Yggdrasil


Booya -Moirai


There will never be a cease fire on Moirai, so let the party continue. YooHoo. Brutus of DOA


shakes head

Thalialeu 2nd Council - Clan Capadocious


Funny, your 1st and 3rd attacks (out of 3) were with the same ID. And I know you’re not changing the network, you’re just using an IP changer. It’s posted in your clan board. I have a copy of the post ;) -Moirai


Thank you Gevurah. You are dearly appreciated. I know you cannot speak for Dread and myself….But I sure as hell can. Like yourself and Starr Dread and I are RL husband and wife. We however do not have the luxury of having a laptop and a home PC…we just have the one Computer. And yes We both did attack Moirai on the same ocassion and Yes, the God RavenBlack chastized us. But I begged an audience with his Lordship and he kindly obliged. Once I explained our mistake he at once forgave us but warned us never to repet these actions…..Which both Dread and I have followed to the letter. At the very least we can own up to our mistakes and learn from them. This however has not deterd me, Moirai, in any way to watch you slowly and painfully die. You sir have no honour…..You are no better than a baby killer. The only way I would pass up a chance to throw Holy Water on you is if you were on fire. Now if you were to acutally come out of The Shodows for more than a day and face us like a Man…Then and only then can you gain back some of that lost honour.



Keep your OOC crap off of my Newspaper. You want to talk OOC shit… then be creative and mask it. But there is NO OOC on this paper and I want none of it. I will be deleting all posts that are not masked with the IC reference I used to mention the IDs in the first place in 24 hours.

I will also tell you as I have posted in the past. The ID system is just for you to be able to determin if you THINK you have been attacked by alts. Fact is, you can change your ID easily without an IP changer, and… Raven CAN detect IP changers and he does, he never bases his acounts on the IDs we see, he sees something much more accurate on his side. He often waits and allows members to exchange huge amounts of coins and then months later strips them of everything. So if you are using changers or alt programs, it almost always shows on his side and he just may be waiting.

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