Moirai- A Tale of Obsession and Revenge Part 3

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The CoB was in bad shape but fighting hard. The Inner Circle aka TiC had attacked Hesu over night and dropped her BPs significantly. ophelia and NiF had been zeroed and others had fallen or were falling as well. According to accounts of members that were in CoB at the time, it was Moirai that was insisting that TiC enter the fray, which was complicating matters and UnicornDream as well as epona were in long debates with sangfroid and Hesu over the matter of this being a war of mano e mano, or clan vs clan alone, and all had agreed.

Also at this time, while Es Beacy was in an extremely weakened state and in the middle of this turbulent war… The House of Heorot aka HoH and the Capadocian Clan, against SIEs wishes, and ignoring Hesu’s pleas for them to remain out, attacked Es Beacy. Hesu had argued that such interference by two other clans, could make her appear to not be standing by her word, especially since CoB had just agreed to keep TiC off of the battle field. She beleived this action would possibly offer an excuse for CoB to bring in many more clans, which would put SIE at great danger. Yet HoH and Capadocious Clan attacked Es Beacy, knowing full well that his clan members were quite busy elsewhere.

The attack on Es Beacy by HoH and Cap Clan, caused many more conferences and strife between the leaders of SIE and CoB. Hesu was forced to waste precious energy needed for leading war conferences in convincing CoB that HoH was not an ally of hers in this matter and was not assisting SIE in the fight. This complicated matters greatly and caused the trust that had been built between the leaders to crumble.

Unknown to many, the HoH had just been a signature line away from an alliance agreement with SIE, when they stormed into the CoB/SIE battle, inciting the possibility of the Dark Alliance using this as an excuse to back their dying friends in the CoB, and assist in slaughtering SIE. Due to this act, that alliance was never to come to pass.

The attack on Es Beacy incensed Moirai, who had vowed to stand by his comrade from The Orthydox, a new house attached to CoB but as was told to Roadie at the time, was not “completely CoB” , though Moirai would beg to differ. He vowed to protect his friend and claims that CoB refused to assist him in protecting Es and on his own accord, went to Es defense.

It appeared that the CoB’s leaders, especially UnicornDream, had had enough of Moirai and summarily booted him from the clan for insubordination… Moirai left the premises, vowing that he would never in his unlife make an attack on Hesu again.



A “mere signature away?”

Far from it.

-AQelDroma Queen of Heorot wife of Capadocious


Imagine that…someone sticking their nose in a battle not theirs…

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