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For some reason many of the replies are now moderated and I have to pump them thru manually. I have emailed Matt, but he is MIA.

Please, if your post does not show… contact me via the link on the front page or at

This newspaper is not set up like other’s and I am not informed when a reply is waiting to be submitted. I will be glad to approve everything that comes through.

~Hesu Editor



looks shifty Just been in Malaysia for 3 weeks - back now. Apologies for any delay.

As explained before, in order to prevent spam and anti-social behaviour comments are moderated by default. In order to post comments unfettered you need to be upgraded to “trusted user” status.

I will only deny “trusted user” status to porn spammers and anyone who tries to fill this board up with abusive comment. Please note: the occasional abuse is acceptable, encouraged even - it’s just when there are dozens of comments by the same user or small group.

Anyone who wants “trusted user” status, post a reply to this comment and I will arrange it.


heh - please note ‘porn spammer’ waiting for you in Comment Approval Section grins

Damari Épouse de Lucius


Yes - I noticed :) If that comment had been allowed to appear on the site , we’d probably have dozens of others now :D


Probably those sketcy sites coming back to haunt you. Have you done the ban and kick for that person? If so, I’ll delete the comment.