TGCsmith Gets the Boot Again

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TGCsmith has had her citizenship stripped and revoked from The Republic of Ravenblack aka RoR. In speaking with Head Consul Seyda, she sites irreconcilable differences.

Seyda, who recently took over another clan, League of Shadow Demons aka LoSD, has been in a push and pull with TGC, over the rights of who it belonged to. Seyda and TGCsmith, both had been founding members of LoSD along side DarkestDesire but Seyda had left to form RoR. DarkestDesire was for a longtime the main contact there as leadership was concerned, later employing TGCsmith to rule at her side.

In the on going and overdramatic saga of this situation, Seyda has claimed all along, with much substantiation, that she and TGCsmith had together planned to gain Seyda full control. TGCsmith later denying the fact and claiming Seyda had stolen the right.

Upon throwing in her keys to LoSD, blaming Seyda publicly and then disobeying direct RoR orders, she was released from her duties as well as her citizenship.

We wish TGCsmith well on her rogue journey as well as the RoR and LoSD clan family.