Last Will and Testament

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July 14th, in the year of grace 2007.

Last Will and Testament,

I, Lucius of the Dreaming, citizen of the city of RavenBlack, do hereby make, write with my own blood and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all previous wills and codicils by me made.

To twylyte, my sister of blood, my home, Palazzo Lucius, at the intersection of Zebra and 27th, Ravenblack, all its contents but my wife’s , my personal property - jewelry, cars, and all other unassigned assets. I hereby appoint twylyte, RavenBlack, as my lawful Executrix. She will see to it that any of my childer will find a shelter in my home, provide any form of assistance to them as she sees fit - this, of course, doesn’t apply to the childer of my wife - and wish twylyte to continue as the lawful Executrix of my legacy after my death.

To Damari, my wife, the usufruct of the Palazzo and as the usufructuary, she will have the right to live in the Palazzo, as long as she stays my wife, the property is not damaged and her descendants stay at bay. Only Sodakk will be welcomed to stay at the Palazzo. If one of those three conditions is not respected, twylyte will banish Damari from the Palazzo. In any case, concerning my inheritance, twylyte’s decision shall be final.

Signed: Lucius.



…and you are?


It used to be the best circulated paper in its time and the most read and it’s had floating management for a while. But mostly, it’s pretty dead.

Which is sad. It is and could be an excellent newspaper.


And I’m not saying that because I used to own it either. Probably. _____



I’m starting to wonder if this paper is actually still in circulation, as long as it’s been since something new was posted. What a waste of a website. Shit, it could be so much better.