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In a city that is usually filled with bloodshed and smartassed comments, lately it seems as if the city has been filled with heavy decisions instead. Vampires are choosing to leave the city behind, others are leaving their clans behind, and others are splitting from their bloodlines. In reality, decisions like this are generally a commonday occurrance that do well to keep the reporters of the city busy with their revolving door nature. The last several months, however, these same type of decisions have gone far to change the political landscape of the city.

A year ago this time, there were three entities gaining strength in the city. There were the perennial House of Heorot/Capadocious Clan/The Ferrymen combination, the up and coming Unholy Alliance containing the Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment, Republic of Ravenblack, and Enforcers of Enlightenment, and the combination of The Inner Circle/Yggdrasil/Empty Spiral. While the Ferrymen broke off and joined the Unholy Alliance with the Hall of Rogues soon following, HoH/Cap Clan picked up groups breaking off from the main Cap Clan, and TiC/Ygg/ES began adding a number of other clans to their fold, if they hadn’t already.

A year later, and where is the political ties of these clans now? The Alliance of Fire leaders have are quiet for the most part; steadily rebuilding from their last war. The Ferrymen exited this scene stage left, and their leadership turned over since as well. This writer stepped down from her position as Consul of The Republic. Hesu, Matriarch of SIE, has been quiet herself, choosing to vacation out of the city more than being in it. Capadocious stepped down around a year ago, and then last night, the announcement that AQelDroma, Pandrora, and CBK were stepping down from HoH and leaving the city.

I’m sure to some it was a complete and utter surprise. To more observant folks, not so much. Speaking from experience, it takes a lot of effort to successfully lead a clan. Night after night, the leaders of each clan put their nose to the grindstone and work for the betterment of not only themselves, but for the betterment of everyone else under their command. They have to deal with members who think that clans are just there to provide and feel they don’t have to give back. They have to deal with members who want to be leaders but don’t want to work towards it. They have to deal with attitudes from anyone who doesn’t like the decisions made, and they have to deal with those members who just won’t shut the fuck up because they think the clan will bail them out if they step in a pile too large. They have to ensure that the entire ship is running smoothly, and one bad section could sink the whole thing. If there is a poison within the walls that eventually brings the entire clan down, the leader cannot get away with blaming that poison. No, no…city perception plants the blame directly on their shoulders.

Eventually, all of this can wear down even the strongest ‘pires. Depending on the culture and structure of the clan, this could occur sooner or later.

The decision to step down from something you built is not easy. It really is a ‘can’t win’ situation. There is no more control of something you created and something you may still feel strongly about. There will be the ones who just don’t understand why the decision was made and with either a: call you a traitor or b: never speak to you again because you don’t have ‘power’. There will then be the vultures…either ones who were blacklisted from the group who try and wedge their way back in because they can, or the groups around the city who see an easy target and make their move. All in all, even in the decision to step aside, too many times the main reason, that individual, is still lost in the process.

And so, after several years of faithful service to their clan, AQelDroma, Pandrora, and CBK take their leave to do something that as leaders you just cannot do: make themselves their priority. Some will be pissed. Some will feel betrayed. Some will just write you off. But, some will understand. Count me as one of them. Good luck with all of your unlives and please, by all means, build your vacations as far away from this hellhole as you can.




With all due respect, how exactly have you been villified in this article? I really really don’t understand and I’d like to. This article stated how difficult it can to be a leader of a clan, as well as the possible fall out when one chooses to remove themselves from the city for personal reasons. It stated that some will be hateful and mean about it, some will try to take advantage of it, some will be vindictive. And some of us will understand it.

If that is villifying someone, then in my opinion nothing short of sainting the vampire is going to be satisfactory to some.

(and as I said a few days ago :D good luck!!!!)


Good luck out there Alyssa.



Umm and Damari I guess says good luck to AQel too but silently. As she does.

    Damari    ~Silence Raaawrs


Uhhh…. hormone much??? The article is not showing any disrespect in any way, on the contrary, making the story IC as compelling as possible as is the point… no? Where do you see AQD’s memory vilified??

but i see, Alyssa wanted a “OMG AQD was the BEST and can’t leeeeeeeeeeeeeeave!!!!!! i will cry forever and ever!!” for AQD.


btw, there are threads of well wishings for AQD, CBK and Pandrora. not enough?


Try this on for size:

It’s not all IC. AQelDroma would NEVER leave her clan. Neither would Cap. For all purposes, he did not. Neither will AQD.

Now, please leave me (Alyssa) out of this. The simple fact is that RL will always come first, and my choices have nothing to do about RB.



And I understand that RL comes first, considering that Seyda made the decisions she did IC because of it.

You can be as pissed off as you’d like, but the bottom line is this. YOU brought yourself into this, not me, as I made no mention of OOC anything in that entry. OOC affects what occurs IC all the time, but it doesn’t change the fact that things indeed DO end up trickling into IC as a result. Seyda’s POV is Seyda’s POV. I won’t apologize for having my character speculate IC for something that is happening IC. Period.

Now, considering that this paper IS an IC entity, if you have a problem with this OOC, come see Stephanie. Otherwise, I have nothing else to discuss here.



I have never been part of such a “community” of RPers that, when a player chooses to leave, their memory is vilified and regarded as less, rather than acknowledging the loss. I spoke out against this same phenomenon when Rob/Cap left, and I see it hasn’t gotten any better now.

To those players who are so morally bankrupt as to react in this way, I will not miss you.