How do YOU think you pronounce Yggdrasil?

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Fuh-cuh-yuh snickers It’s really rather easy. nods

Jauk Juggernaut Ladywulfe’s Blood Sister Mav’s woman Priestess of Lies and Prodigal Folly Yggdrasil


It’s not akin to the sound of a person clearing their throat of sinus drainage phlegm??

Coulda fooled me… grins

 Damari   ~The Ferrymen~  Épouse de Lucius


Oh LOOK beams More of that wonderfully original and unbiased writing we’ve all just been waiting on pins and needles for.


Pronunciation: (ig’dru-sil, yg’-)

Now, maybe if one spent a little more time putting some sincere effort into keeping this newspaper running in the fashion it’s originator intended and not one’s own personal rag magazine to write unbiased ‘news’ and ‘editorial’ stories one might actually suprise many. Other than that, I would like to say hats off for the wonderfully predictable turn the Grim has taken.


grins I thought it was invariably an honest question. How DOES one pronounce the name. It’s not like it has that many vowels in it.

You’re just being testy. As always. Someone stole your funny bone.

Damari ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius


Nah, not higher than thou and technically the phrase is holier than thou, btw….just waiting to see how long it would take you to come out with a reply aimed in my general direction…less time than I expected

Oddly enough..I wasn’t aware that YOU wrote that article. Did you? If so, Thanks for the clarification.

bows and gives you a flattered wink

ophelia Lokason
Af Gyllenstierna    ~*NiF's Eternally*~


looks at her post and then back at ophelia and then at the author of the post

I didn’t write the article Phe Phe. The Editor did. tut tuts

And thank you for correcting my grammar. It’s good to see you’re making an effort to raise the bar in attempts to insult a person.

 Damari   ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius


That isn’t grammar m’dear - that’s colloquialism.

ophelia Lokason ~Af Gyllenstierna~ Yggdrasil


I think that’s quite enough of this commentary that has nothing to do with the article. If Madeye were still here he’d give us the hard word about the direction and tone of both our comments.

Damari ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius ---- ## Persephony Madeye might not be, but, I still am, and *checks her press pass* I still have clearance to moderate... coolio! Ahem. Get on with it. Love it or leave it. Insert other sayings here. Play frisbee. ~Persephony ---- ## Carpathia As anyone who is halfway decent with phonetics can see. This is "editor" someone poking fun at the name, pure and simple, nuff said. *shakes head and saunters on* Carpathia ---- ## vampier Im with you on that one ---- ## nhucriys