How many years does it take to be an ‘Elder’ of the city?

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That 2ish years is ‘Elder’ 3-4 ish years is ‘Ancient’

5 + years is ‘Older Than White Dog Shit’

grins Okay - I just made that last one up.. but it has a certain ring to it don’t you think. So by that rationale I went with “Elder - Two years”

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I’ve been here over three years now, and I’m hardly worth a second glance, nevermind some status such as ‘Elder.’ The true elders, then, IMO, should be older than me.



About that 5+ years part…. I do not believe the city, nor even an inkling of it has been around for that long. Though, not in this city, but likely another, I would not be surprised if at least some of the vampires have been around even longer than that nods

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IMHO, being an Elder is not just about age. Yes, I think there is a minimum age requirement, which I personally take as about 3 years.

But just as important is what you’ve DONE in those three years. Doesn’t mean you have to have run a clan, but people should have heard of you, and have some idea what you’ve been up to. Whether it’s leadership in clan circles, being outspoken in public boards, carried out a worthy service for other citizens, carried out outrageous heists and scams, or whatever doesn’t matter. The key thing is that you’ve made at least something of a name for yourself.

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WOW…I’m an Elder! Thanks for the endorsement, Jean. laughs

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Hmmm…I’m an elder. I think. Yeah. I’ve been in the city for about a year, so yeah…anyways. yawns


Reese W

Started here about 2 years ago…stopped being a chat fag about a month ago…so elder age is subjective to involvement in the city I believe.

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this fall will be my fifth year. I still see a few that I’ve seen from the start… but not many…

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